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Are you that one person all Pokémon players and fans go to if they want to know about cards, decks, news, or anything related to Pokémon? In that case we need you! Write about news, articles, opinions, deck and/or game reviews, and much more.



Like to boss people around? Are you that someone that knows when a person is stepping out of line and you actually do something about it? Then this position is perfect for you! Help us keep our forums and timeline a happy place :-).



Are you that cool likeable guy that people can’t keep their eyes off of? Are you able to explain exactly what is going on in your game and do this with great conviction? Become a streamer for Pokéspot and stream your Pokémon games straight on our official Twitch channel!

Pokéspot Agents have access to…

15% Discount

Shared TCGO Account

Twitch Streams

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