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This is Latte1504, and I am back with another article! Today, I will be taking a look at Yveltal-EX decks in Expanded, as well as sharing a new way to use and build around Darkrai EX from Dark Explorers.

Firstly, there is Yveltal. However, just as a disclaimer, I am not going to share a decklist, but I am going to share the different ways the deck can be build. There are 4 different ways that most people run Yveltal:

  • Maxie’s
  • Hypnotoxic Lasers
  • Virbank City Gym/Stadiums
  • Extra consistency

I find that you can fit in 2 different “versions”. So, for example, you could play Maxie’s and Stadiums, which is very common, or Lasers and consistency. Some versions are more cohesive than others. If you are trying to pull off a Maxie’s, you probably want to play either Stadiums or Lasers over playing too many Supporters so you can play your hand down easier. It also a rather poor idea to play stadiums and Lasers together because if you are playing Lasers, you want your Virbank over another stadium. Here are what the versions are about and generally include:


This version is characterized by playing a high count of Battle Compressors and instantly playable Items to play the hand down to 0 for a Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick. Typical targets include Gallade and Archeops. However, some players abandoned the Archeops at the end of last Season because there were relatively few match-ups where it was more beneficial to have Archeops instead of Gallade. The only major evolution deck was Trevenant, but Gallade would just help you to draw out of the Item Lock. Now, with Vileplume, Decidueye, Garbodor, and other smaller threats, it is better to just lock them out of the game, at least mostly. Gallade is powerful because it smooths over your draws and it can deal heavy damage as a non-EX/GX. One time, I was afraid of playing against Seismitoad, so I played a Marowak from Fates Collide. This is an option, however, I believe you are better off just sticking to playing Gallade and Archeops.


The version with Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym is the hyper-aggressive version of the deck that is meant to apply quick and speedy damage. For those of you who do not know, Hypnotoxic Laser poisons the opponent’s active and puts them to sleep on a coin flip and puts them to sleep. This, along with Dark Patches and Choice Band can build an incredibly quick and dangerous Yveltal-EX that can score crucial KOs early on in the game.


The stadiums version of the deck is the most disruptive. The most commonly used stadiums are Silent Lab and Parallel City, but some players opt to play Reverse Valley as well. All the stadiums have a different function: Silent Lab is used to slow the opponent down, or to likely prevent Mega Rayquaza from being able to hit a 180 damage Emerald Break, Parallel City is run to discard your own Shaymins and Tapu Lele/Jirachi, and Reverse Valley would be played if you wanted to make your math better, but you still wanted to play other Stadiums.


When I say this, I generally mean stuff like higher counts of Supporters, more attackers, more Trainers’ Mail and Battle Compressor, etc. Consistency is generally pretty good at making a deck better.

Edit on June 19th, 2017: I realize that I poorly explained this. a better word for it would truly be Tech Supporters. This would be Supporters like Az for healing, or Ghetsis to destroy a could-be set up. It could also just be more Sycamore and N (i.e. a 3-2 Sycamore/N split instead 2/1).

Card counts

There are a lot of Cards that can be pretty dicey on whether or not to play certain cards. Here are some key ones

Ace Spec

Which Ace Spec? The two big ones are Computer Search and Dowsing Machine. Dowsing Machine is not a poor choice because there are almost always Trainers to go for, mostly in the form of Stadiums, Lasers, and most importantly, Dark Patches. Computer Search is great because it just gets you a card to play, which will almost ensure a T1 Maxie’s if you have it.

Battle Compressor and Trainers’ Mail

Most Maxie’s lists play a combined total of at least 7 of these two cards, but I advocate for a full suite of both. It makes your Maxie’s a lot simpler because they can get what you need easier. I especially believe in 4 Trainers’ Mail because it can turn into almost any card to play immediately for the 0 card hand.

Keldeo and Darkrai

These are the two big mobility enablers for this deck. Keldeo will only be used if you aren’t playing Silent Lab because it is only for mobility. If you are not playing Silent Lab, I would play one so you can Dark Patch to an active Yveltal, or switch between Yveltal EXs in the mirror. Darkrai fills much the same role, except it can not be used as a double switch, but it can attack. The attack 2HKOs most of the format, so it can be used. It also can be used to snipe any stray Jirachis with another snipe from Yveltal from Breakthrough.

Yveltal EX counts

I believe 2 is the way to go. I have always played 2 and never had the problem, so I believe that 3 is just a waste of space.

Yveltal XY vs Sableye DEX

These are the two major recovery options for the deck. Yveltal applies a little bit of direct pressure, but it can only get energy back. Sableye is far more versatile. It gets back any 2 items, which sounds very underwhelming until you realise you can get an Ace Spec, or resources such as VS Seeker, Dark Patch, Field Blower, Hypnotoxic Laser, etc. It basically auto-wins Sableye and makes you win more against decks that can never stabilize.

Yveltal BKT

This is one of the best attackers Dark has access to. It may as well read “If I attack twice, and you have Shaymin on your field, I am up 2 prizes and your attacker is most of the way to dead.” Yveltal does 60 with a 60 damage snipe on an EX. You 2 shot a Shaymin from the bench, and you deal a decent chunk of damage. This works well with Yveltal because it makes Evil Ball KOs so much easier. Include at least 2, especially in Maxie’s Stadiums variants, and at least 1 (but probably still 2) in other variants.

Tool Removal

We have 2 real options: Startling Megaphone and Field Blower. I think the versatility of removing Stadiums is a lot better than just removing all tools. This all assuming you play any tool removal though. You can get away without it, but I still recommend it.

Tools Themselves

At this point, there are 2 viable tools to use: Fighting Fury Belt and Choice Band. Because the Stadium version has a disruption element, I would use Fighting Fury Belt to increase my HP and make the deck even more annoying. If I were playing the Laser Version, I would play Choice Band because that version tries to capitalize on a very aggressive playstyle.

Dark Energy Counts

The big  question is whether to play 6 or 7 basic darks. I believe in playing 7 because playing 6 can make it awkward if you have a lot of patches early on, but you still want some Basic Darks in deck as a manual attachment and I don’t feel that way with 7. I would say to try both and pick whichever you like more.

Now onto my new way to play Darkrai-EX from Dark Explorers!

Pokémon - 6

Trainers - 27

Energy - 17

3 Darkrai EX DEX or LTR 882 Professor Juniper DEX 9810 Darkness Energy GEN 81
2 Shaymin EX ROS 771 Lysandre AOR 78
1 Tapu Lele GX GUR 601 N NVI 92
4 Dark Patch DEX 93
4 Puzzle of Time BKP 109
4 VS Seeker PHF 109
4 Ultra Ball DEX 102
3 Trainers' Mail ROS 92
3 Hypnotoxic Laser PLS 123
2 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
2 Max Elixir BKP 102
2 Choice Band GRI 121
2 Float Stone BKT 137
1 Dowsing Machine PLS 128
1 Field Blower GRI 125
2 Virbank City Gym PLS 126

This deck is simple: hit for 120 with 30 damage from poison as fast as possible. It sounds super simple, and it is, but it creates fantastic math: They have 150 going into their turn. If they pass or attack, and they are an EX, they will get KOd coming back to your turn. If they retreat, you can choose to KO them with the snipe. You also get the original snipe damage from the first attack, which could create another KO with poison if it is one of their attackers.

Let’s take a look at the key cards.

Damage Modifiers

This pulls the deck all together. You end up hoping to add 90 damage from the base of the attack when it rolls back onto your turn. This is done with Hypnotoxic Laser, Virbank City Gym, and Choice Band. As a general rule of thumb, put as many damage modifiers in the deck as you can. There are a few that aren’t used, such Aerodactyl from Dark Explorers, Reverse Valley, and PlusPower. Aerodactyl goes unused because it is a fossil and Reverse Valley is outclassed Virbank City Gym, but PlusPower is a good option to fill some of the open slots.

Energy Acceleration

This deck uses 4 Dark Patch and 2 Max Elixer. Dark Patch is favored over Max Elixer because it is more consis

Puzzle of Time and Dowsing Machine

The Puzzles are used to move the deck along. In the early game, they can be used to use more Dark Patches or Battle Compressors and in the late game, they can be used to get back Supporters or damage modifiers. The Dowsing Machine is used to make sure that you will get the Double Puzzle of twice.

Low Counts of Consistency Cards

This deck is super tight. This is why there are low counts of Supporters, with only 3 direct draw Supporters. There are 8 T1 outs to a Supporters. You could try to play less Trainers’ Mail or Battle Compressor for more Supporters, but then you are giving up speed in Trainers’ Mail and more outs to thinning the deck and putting Dark Energy into the discard in Battle Compressor. Regardless, the Supporter line works for what it needs to do.

Options to fill empty Spaces

More Elixirs

This will allow you to get your Darkrais to attack faster.

Garbodor DRX or BKP

We’re playing him purely for the ability to shut off other abilities. This is because Stage 2 decks generally screw up our math either by having pre-evolutions with weird HPs or really high numbers of HP. Most stage 2s are only viable because they have outstanding abilities. If you are going to play it, I also recommend playing an extra Float Stone. There is another way out…

Archeops NVI + Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick

This iconic duo is back again! This time, instead of just stopping what makes evolutions good, we are just going to stop the evolutions (mostly). I actually prefer Garbodor over this because you have multiple turns to set up the Garbodor, it is more consistent and covers almost as many bases. The Garb is also easier to get out because there are only 2 Battle Compressors.

Keldeo EX BCR

More mobility is always useful, but Keldeo can be used better in other decks. Past getting a first turn Darkrai, it is not too useful. Even if it was more useful, Keldeo shuts it off, and Darkrai gives good mid-game and late-game mobility anyway.


Because we are not going for direct OHKOs, a situation can come about where we need an attacker to die on that turn, but we can not kill it. PlusPower can potentially alleviate the issue by allowing us to hit harder.

More Supporters

With only 3 Draw Supporters and few ways to draw into one in the opening hand, sometimes you just don’t start with a Supporter. Playing more Supporters should help to alleviate this issue.

That is all for today!

Next time, I will go over the Battle Compressor decks (Vespiquen and Night March).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me in the comments.

Have a nice day!

  1. GrassTypePlaya 3 years ago



    Best article on pokespot i read so far, great job.

  2. sycofMORE 3 years ago



    Sounds like investing in this deck is always a good choice, you can always win games, and the value of the cards will most likely never go down as well.

  3. boss 3 years ago



    Are dark decks winning the most tournaments in Expanded?

    • Author
      Latte1504 3 years ago



      In terms of wins in a given format, not neccisarily. In terms of overall wins, most likely. This highlights one of the best things about Yveltal: it is never a bad play and it is very adaptable. When expanded began for day 2 regionals 3 years ago, it was a good play and 3 years later it still is. And it never dropped out of favor.

  4. Sten 3 years ago



    You can also put that Sableye can get you a Maxie’s hand next turn. That can pretty much seal the deal against certain decks.

  5. mol 3 years ago



    this was a great article to inform you about dark decks! well done @drew1504

  6. camohunter19 3 years ago



    Couldn’t one argue that the Maxie’s engine is essentially the same as the consistency engine?

    • Author
      Latte1504 3 years ago



      I realize now… I screwed up a bit.

      All of the versions use the same engine to draw cards. This was mostly about the little things that separate the decks for each other. I said consistency, but looking back, a more accurate build would be supporters. One option is to play Ghetsis from Plasma Freeze because that can singlehandedly win a game by taking away an out to draw cards T1, or you could play AZ to pick up damaged Pokemon, more Sycamore/Juniper and N for more draw outs in Item lock, etc, etc.

    • Jake 3 years ago



      You can always edit your post @drew1504

    • Sten 3 years ago



      Yeah I guess you meant more Disruption(Ghetsis, Lab, Parallel) or Consistency(Higher Juniper and or N count, 2 Maxie’s)

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