Pokémon is a Wailord of a media giant, coming in as the single largest gross profit franchise of all time.

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The adventures for Ash are never-ending which means the continual production of anime and movies create new fans year after year.  With each generation comes a new catalog of lovable creatures to capture the hearts of people with both games and card sets alike.  Since the introduction of Pokémon Go, it is now possible for anyone with a phone to catch and carry their favorite pocket monsters all day long; movies like Detective Pikachu add yet another opportunity to entice the minds of new viewers.  At this rate, Arceus willing, the Pokémon craze will never stop growing! The addition of new data entries into the Pokédex is boundless and there will always be new ‘mons waiting in undiscovered regions.  Satoshi Tajiri, creator of the franchise, had a love for the original games that stemmed from his real-world passions such as bug catching.  Pokémon are a reimagining of the majestic animals that roam the planet now and in the past.  With a species count of about 9 million total on Earth, there is no conceivable end to what imagined Pokémon might be seen in the tall grasses of the future.

The introduction of new things occasionally receives a grousing from some critics.  “Why would they add Z-moves?!  Why are they making armor mechanics in Sword and Shield?!”  However, fans worthy of a colorful rainbow feather ask a completely different question: “Wynaut?”  Why not add new Pokémon and interesting systems for each new generation.  When a new and unique set is released, it has an opportunity to capture the hearts of the youngest trainers who are new to the Pokéarth altogether.  Each strange quirk makes the adventure special for each new iteration of participant.  Remembering how it felt receiving Pikachu in Yellow Version still puts a smile on my face because it was breaking away from the traditional three starters.  It was special.  It was a new mechanic! Rejoice knowing that everyone gets an exciting experience to call their own. For those of us that are already Pokémon professors, fear not!  All our old Poképals will be included in each new rendition.  If Scorbunny doesn’t seem like your type, you can still catch a Charmander to receive that great feeling of nostalgia.

Whether your opening card packs, hunting for your favorite gen’ one Pokémon, or starting a new game, the fun you’ll find yourself having is often Onix-pected.  In today’s internet era there are new communities popping up everywhere.  Youtube is full of Pokémon channels ranging from let’s plays, card pack openings, news and much more!  Top Pokémon channels have subscribers in the multiples of millions!  As if that wasn’t enough, communities like Poké-Spot continue to grow and demonstrate how much hype the Pokémon fanbase has for their animated pals.  With forever nostalgic fanatics and new Pokémon added year after year, the Universe of Pokémon will to find love from people worldwide for decades to come.

Written By: Mikaham Pokémon Master @Youtube


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