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With this being the first tournament that Evolutions was legal, it was really interesting to see how the meta shifted. Especially as a competitor, you always want to get more good matchups than bad ones. So let’s examine what was popular and what was more successful that day!

The Field

Decks Amount played

  • Volcanion 15%
  • Giratina/Hammers 13%
  • Yveltal 11%
  • M Gardevoir 10%
  • Greninja 10%
  • M Scizor 8%
  • M Rayquaza 6%
  • M Mewtwo 5%
  • Gyarados 4%
  • Others 17%

Volcanion was the most popular deck on the day, mainly because it is a consistent deck with a lot of firepower and having only a few bad matchups. But it being easily accessible also plays a role. You have Volcanion EX tins, Volcanion theme deck and October’s League promo were baby Volcanions. Tina/Hammers saw a lot of play after the success of the Schulz brothers building and piloting the deck for the last few European tournament. The amount of Yveltal was a surprise to me, this was my second deck chose but still decided to play an easier deck in Rainbow Road. I guess Yveltal will never die, with the deck being so versatile and has many outs against any deck. M Gardevoir was expected to be top 5 decks that was played, but the amount of Greninja was crazy. And a lot of variety, from Talonflame to Starmie builds. Other mega decks round out the most played decks with M Mewtwo just being 5% of the pack. The M Gardevoir hype was real and those people were crazy to play Mewtwo.

Top 32

Deck Amounts

  • Yveltal 7
  • Greninja 6
  • Volcanion 5
  • Giratina 4
  • Rainbow Road 2
  • Plumebox 2
  • Zygarde Plume 1
  • Water/Garbodor/Hammers 1
  • Houndoom 1
  • Raikou/Elektrode/Jolteon 1
  • M Gardevoir 1
  • M Rayquaza 1

Top 8

Deck Amounts

  • Yveltal 2nd,4th 5
  • Water/Garbodor/Hammers 1
  • Rainbow Road 1st 1
  • Raikou 3rd 1

As we can see the most successful deck of the whole tournament was Yveltal, 7 top 32 finish. Yveltal was the perfect deck to beat the top 32 decks and to no surprise 5 made it to top cut. It was a tough field for Greninja, as almost half of the top 32 ran Garbodor so none of them made top cut.

Impact of Evolutions

As said earlier this was the first major tournament with Evolutions being legal, it didn’t have much impact, just some nice tech cards. Starmie saw a lot of play in Greninja and Volcanion for its ability, Space Beacon. The obvious inclusion of Dragonite in Sky Field decks like M Gardevoir, Rainbow Road and M Rayquaza. Rattata also made a huge impact as a tech card in a lot of decks that had space for it, especially M Gardevoir. We also saw some Clefairy to counter the expected Giratinas with its Metronome attack, especially in M Rayquaza decks. Funny story, in one of my friends matches his opponent flipped over a Clefairy and played Shauna. You would think easy pickings, we take those! But after that he Ultra Balled for Hoopa, set up a M Rayquaza and started Emerald Breaking my friend to oblivion. I also saw a Pidgeot/ Fright Night deck at the top tables, not the mega just Pidgeot EX. I believe it just whiffed top 32. But the card that made a big impact on the top table was Elektrode, powering up Raikou or Jolteon turn 2. After top 32 swiss it was first place but fell to Yveltal in the semis.

Going forward

With Yveltal having another great showing at a regionals, I expect to see more of that Raikou/Elektrode/Jolteon deck. Also with Rainbow Road winning, expect to see metal decks to start teaching the new Magearna promo to make it a 7 prize game against them. We also have the disappointing tournament for M Gardevoir, will we see the rise of M Mewtwo and Dark Tina again? Variants of Plume will always be around, item lock is just too strong. It only losses to itself honestly with it being clunky, but also an early float stone on Garbodor or any tool for that matter if you run Olympia.

Thanks to for compiling the data after organizing an amazing tournament!

For everyone interested the top 8 Decklist are found here.


  1. Author
    Sten 4 years ago



    Yeah there was a Pidgeot EX deck in Dortmund as well that top 64. I think the one in fort wayne just feasted on all the Yveltals there

  2. mol 4 years ago



    in the US, there was a pidgeot deck paired with jolteon and garb

  3. Alex 4 years ago



    So there was pretty much not a single deck that had an Evolutions card as its main attacker… says enough about the set 🙂

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