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      Hello Guys,

      I am wondering if any of you knows a place that sells 1st gen European versions of Pokémon figures.
      I lost my first figure which was a blastoise like 18 years ago and would love to hold one in my hands again. Any help would be appreciated.

      Pictured is the exact look of it

      Best regards

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      I don’t think it sells anymore. This figure is from 1999 and you could get it in Burger King.
      But you can try to find it on Ebay.

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        Your answer really helped me out. I thought the one i sent as a picture was some kind of european version.
        The blastoise I am searching for then is the one pictured now, since the one i had as a kid was out of the regular pokeballs they sold at stores. They are up for like 30 bucks on ebay in good condition.
        Don’t know how I mixed up burger king with european version but thanks for clearing it out.
        Has been bugging me for years that it lost it at the playground XD

        Will post a pic when it arrives 🙂

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      30 bucks is a lot cheaper than I thought those would be worth by now

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        I have to say I’m still not 100% sure if the Monster Collection from Japan is the same Blastoise that you got when you purchased it in the standard pokeball in Europe :/ can someone confirm this? In japan it came in a Masterball

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      Or maybe even post a link? You are right the sealed versions are like 60$, a lot to spend if It’s not the same figure

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      just for your info, seems like the case was even harder than i thought XD
      The blastoise i am searching for is out of the “candy containers” and the picture i first posted was correct.
      the burgerking blastoise just looks very similiar.
      Just thought i let you guys know if someone is interested.

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