Introduction to XY11 Steam Siege

We are less than a week away from the release of the new (and probably last) XY (11) set called Steam Siege! In this post, we discuss the most interesting cards of the set for competitive play, but also for collecting. Most of you already know this, but the first interesting news about this set that was announced quite early, is the fact that dual energy types are back. This means that certain Pokémon will have weakness or resistance against not one, but two energy types. Furthermore, the artwork of dual types simply looks amazing as well. That being said, let’s get into the set :-).

First of all…

Most importantly, the set contains a lot of cards that can support or improve current existing decks, rather than it contains cards that you would want to build a deck around entirely. There has been a lot of complaints about the meta being unbalanced, and Night March is a deck that lets players play more against themselves, rather than against the opponent. As a reaction to this particular criticism, a few item and supporter cards that decrease the power of Night March and also Item Lock type of decks are included in the set. Moreover, even though merely based on an opinion, the set contains really, really nice full arts and collectable cards. For instance, the full art Steelix EX and M Steelix EX cards that are included in the set, are our top most favorite FA’s to date. As for competitive play, the competitively stronger cards in this deck will probably see a bit more play than the few sets that came out before this one. Simply because a lot of them synergise very well with existing cards and decks. So without further ado, we find the following cards of the new XY set the most interesting and will discuss these shortly:

Interesting cards

Steam Siege Competitive cards

As i mentioned before, the set is focused primarily on strengthening current existing playable decks rather than having cards that are worthwhile to build a complete deck around. Therefore, most of these cards fit in with other decks quite nicely.



This card is pretty strong due to its ability. More specifically, the abilitiy is able to do 20 damage to all EX of your opponent in play. So if you would have four Ampharos on your bench, which will be pretty hard to achieve. But if you do, you would be able to do 80 damage to each Pokémon EX simply with its ability, every turn. Now that is impressive… The attack on the other hand is pretty weak so you would probably try to avoid using Ampharos as your active Pokémon. Moving on to Clawitzer…



Now this card is also a very interesting card due to its ability. Clawitzer is able to provide mega evolutions with special energy fairly quickly. This could really make decks based on m rayquaza and m charizard, or any energy hungry mega evolution more viable. Mega Lucario would be great too as you can stack special energy quickly. So you could stack strong energy fast and deal tons of damage!



Clawitzer BREAK can help knockout a Pokemon fast after getting a knockout yourself by adding 120 more damage extra to the next attack of your next active Pokemon. That way you could play a weaker Pokemon, but still do massive damage. Therefore, due to this specific attack, Clawitzer BREAK could be the most viable card in the set.


Drifbloon is also pretty interesting, mainly because Drifbloon can merge with M Alakazam EX very well because its attack can put 8 damage counters on any of your opponent’s Pokemon of your liking. Therefore, M Alakazam can really use those counters to do massive damage with Zen Force. You can find more information about the M Alakazam deck HERE.

gardevoir exmgardevoirex

Gardevoir EX is not really that interesting. On the other hand, M Gardevoir EX has an interesting attack. You can discard your benched Pokemon for damage. Therefore, it could be a replacement for Battle Compressor and do damage at the same time. Furthermore, the attack has a low energy cost and can be used in combination with Dimension Valley because M Gardevoir EX is part Psychic, so it would only cost one energy, which is not a lot :). Unfortunately, Night March will be only available in Expanded upon the release of XY11 Steam Siege.



Steelix EX is by far the coolest EX card ever made… But, it needs crazy amounts of energy to do its attacks. A 5 energy attack…. is just too much. Flip a coin until you get tails and get 100 damage, is like Kanghaskhan EX on steroids.. Therefore, trick coin would be a great addition to this card. Shiny M Steelix EX is simply amazing as well and is also, in our opinion, the coolest mega card ever made :). He has dual energy as well with Colorless and fighting which is really awesome. Therefore, he can benefit from Strong Energy. Moreover, Clawitzer can attach more Special Energy so you could power it up pretty quickly. You could Mega turbo the metal energy on there as well. They’re not amazing cards… but you could make them work somehow :-). Please make them work… Just for their awesomeness sake :-(.


Croagunk and Toxicroak are pretty decent. They can abuse Strong Energy, and when your opponent’s Pokémon is poisoned, Toxicroak can’t be attacked, which is also a great ability. Good damage with little energy, but if they are able to switch 90 hp is not much to try to keep him alive.


Magearna EX, This Pokémon is pretty much new and i don’t believe they have ever implemented a first reveal in a set before. Its ability is pretty decent as it will protect your Pokémon on the bench with metal energy attached to them from any effects.



Next up is surprisingly Colorless Talonflame. Talonflame has an interesting ability as well, if you get it in your starting hand you are allowed to put it as your starting Pokémon without having to evolve. Furthermore, it gives you decent damage for one energy and draw power as well.



Volcanion EX was the first card that was announced for this set and revealed the new dual energy type of Pokémon cards. But can it be used competitively? Houndoom EX or Camerupt EX might be able to benefit from the ability Steam Up. Other than that, it is not that great.



Weavil has an awesome ability! Weavil would be good with mega evolutions as well as you can move your item cards as much as you like. So you could remove spirit links from your already mega evolved Pokémon, to a Pokémon you still want to Mega Evolve. This could work in the M Alakazam EX deck, as you don’t need as much spirit links to do your mega evolving. Just move them to the Alakazam EX you want to mega evolve. Pretty neat indeed.



Yveltal BREAK, pretty decent. Could be a good combination with bats or M Alakazam EX because of it’s (pretty high cost) attack: Baleful Night: 120 damage. This attack does 30 damage to each of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon that already has damage counters on it. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)



Next up are Xerneas and Xerneas BREAK. You might have noticed that the set contains a lot of BREAK cards, and we didn’t even discuss them all in this article. Anyways, Xerneas is a decent card which was reprinted from XY base. Xerneas can give energy to your benched Pokémon quite quickly. Xerneas BREAK does damage based on the amount of energy of all your benched Pokémon. Max elixir could be useful in this case as well. These cards are a better alternative to M Gardevoir, Because it works with all energy, not just fairy energy.




Yanmega, great card as its ability is awesome. Yanmega allows you to attack for free if you have four cards in your hand. Therefore, it is also strong in combination with red card, as it gives you the 4 cards you need, and your opponent will most likely lose cards. Moreover, its attack does a crazy amount of  damage (120) if your opponent has an item attached to it! 120 damage! For free! Yanmega BREAK is great too. Simply because he has decent damage as well.

Now for the Supporter Cards…



Ninja boy, allows you to switch all energy and simply everything that is on a basic Pokémon, to a new Pokémon of your choice. Great for building Regirock EX for example, and then just switch all energy to another Pokémon, as it is impossible to pull out Regirock EX with Lysandre and kill it. This could be a safe way of building up your energy without having to fear the Pokémon you are building to be knocked out before you are able to use it by Lysandre.


Pokemon Ranger Eliminates item lock, or any effects of attacks whatsoever. Which can be very convenient and therefore, this card will probably be played at least once in every deck.

Karen (no pic)

Finally, a card that simply kills Night March. People at the Pokémon Company decided to destroy Night March with this card, and honestly, we don’t mind. Karen will put all Pokémon from your opponent’s discard pile back into their deck.

Lastly, the item cards.


Greedy DiceSpecial Charge







PokePuff, this card was revealed earlier and we already talked about how awesome it could be. We said that it would cancel out Shaymin’s Set Up. But it turns out we were wrong… The ability will still be activated even though it is your turn. But still, if you were to pull out their Shaymin EX if they already have more than 6 cards, they won’t be able to make use of the ability so it is still pretty neat. Combine with Lysandre and take out their Shaymin for two prize cards as well. BAM!

Special charge, great card that allows you to put special energy back in your hand from your discard pile. This card will see a lot of play in combination with Mega Evolutions and Clawitzer.

Greedy Die, Pretty funny card which if taken as a prize card, you could be allowed to get another prize card. It still needs a coin flip though. This card probably won’t see much competitive play, but it is a fun idea.

Steam Siege Collectable cards

As for the collectable cards, there are a lot of cool ones indeed! The following FA’s are included in the set:

The End

Let us know if we missed any other viable cards in the set and let us know what you think about the set overall! We simply cannot wait for its release on the 3rd of August!





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