Dragon Majesty is a smaller set than we usually see and is almost completely focused on Dragon type Pokémon. Will we see the dragons rise up or will they sink as low as the actual amount of cards in this set? Find out in this rather short set review of all cards you should be looking out for.


Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard 6/10

Unlike most Stage 1 Pokemon of a Stage 2 evolution line, Charmeleon is actually useful. When entering the field, ‘Burning Spirit’ has a good chance of accelerating quite a bit of energy. However, this ability also can fail and do nothing but make you lose 5 cards from your deck. More energy in your deck means more chances to accelerate energy, but also a more inconsistent deck. Charizard can deal massive damage against most current meta decks and actually hits the right numbers for many important one-hit knockouts against popular Pokémon GX. Even without ‘Resolute Flame’ powering up Charizard’s attack, the damage is enough to knock out any Pokémon within one to two hits.

Torchic, Combusken and Blaziken 6/10

Blaziken does not shine with pure power, but can speed up your gameplan at the cost of being a tad slow to bring out. ‘Firestarter’ can help you set up your field faster, while ‘Fire Stream’ deals damage to every Pokémon on the opponent’s side of the field and gives the ability ‘Firestarter‘ more fuel in the process. This is a nice combination of an attack and ability, however Blaziken suffers from being a Stage 2 Pokémon and because of that, it often is not worth the effort to bring it out. Blaziken is surely worth giving a shot though, it is likely to turn out better as an additional engine than the focus of a deck.

Victini Prism Star 6/10

A good partner for the Charizard from the same set, this card can easily knock out a Pokémon GX in one attack, if your deck has more than 12 or more Basic Energy cards in it that is. This use is very limited though, and will only find its place in very specific decks. But in these specific decks, it will do a decent job and is worth including.

Reshiram GX 7.5/10

The appropiately named ‘Flame Charge’ helps to charge ‘Scorching Pillar’ very easily, allowing you to attack for 110 damage on turn 2, provided you attach the fourth Energy directly from your hand. Thanks to the attack also causing burn, the damage is at least 130, which means it can knock any Pokémon out within 2 attacks. Charging up ‘Scorching Pillar’ without the acceleration from  ‘Flame Charge’ or Kiawe however, is not worth it most of the time. The GX attack, ‘Vermilion GX’ is great for late game situations. When some decks would normally run out of steam or would have to skip dealing damage to get a Pokémon up and running again, ‘Vermilion GX’ does both. It completely charges your benched attacker (or even multiple attackers) up while dealing an large amount of damage, capable of knocking out many Pokémon GX in the process. Sadly, this GX attack also requires 4 energy to be attached to Reshiram, making it somewhat difficult to use. Overall, Reshiram is one of the better basic fire attackers we have right now, and will hence likely find a home in quite a few decks.

Horsea, Seadra and Kingdra GX 7/10

I am quite undecided on this card. Seaking is a Stage 2 with a very high ceiling but is just as difficult to get running as the ceiling might be too high. While equipped with 5 Water Energy, Kingdra’s ‘Hydro Pump’ can virtually knock out any single Pokémon in one attack, but 5 Water Energy is a huge investment. Even 4 Water Energy to knock out out any Basic and Stage 1 Pokémon GX in one hit is still not an easy task to accomplish without any additional acceleration. Water type Pokémon do have Aqua Patch, but that alone wont help you with setting up more than one Kingdra to attack for high numbers. the attack ‘Reverse Thrust’ can very rarely get Kingdra out of sticky situations to get further set up on the bench, but if you have to use an attack like this, your chances of winning are getting dangerously low anyway. Finally, the GX move ‘Maelstrom GX’ is either incredibly underwhelming or a game winning move, depending on how the game progressed up until this point. Knocking out multiple damaged Pokémon on the opponent’s bench for a single Water Energy can win you the game, but in any other situation this attack is not worth turning your GX marker face down for. I think Seaking GX has potential, though it likely is too inconsistent to win any tournaments.

Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr 1.5/10

They are bad, very bad. Feraligatr can deal massive damage about once a game, twice if you are lucky and your deck is focused on nothing but its ‘Riptide’ attack. You need 7 Water Energy in your discard pile to even knock out the lowest HP Pokémon GX in one attack, provided Feraligatr has a Choice Band equipped as well. Keep in mind that ‘Riptide’ shuffles all your energy back into the deck after dealing damage, forcing you to set up the attack once again and possibly be forced to draw into nothing but Basic Water Energy for a lot of your draws, ironically running you dry of actual resources.

[Spiritual successor to Neo Genesis 81, 32 and 5]

Wishiwashi 3/10

A combination of this Wishiwashi and the Wishiwashi GX from Guardians Rising can be scary, but just as fragile. How fitting, considering Wishiwashi GX is just a school of fish pretending to be something bigger than they actually are. With 4 Wishiwashi on the bench, Wishiwashi GX would be at a massive 290 HP, with all attacks dealing additional 80 damage as well. However, two of the three attacks of Wishiwashi GX require 5 energy, making it rather difficult to use anything but Water Gun most of the time. Also, having multiple 30HP tiny Wishiwashi on your bench not only takes away space for support Pokémon like Tapu Lele GX, but also makes you very susceptible to attacks that can hit benched Pokémon. While this is a great idea for an ability and makes Wishiwashi somewhat unique, it still is nothing more than a gimmick.

Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon 2.5/10

The only good thing about this evolution line is Flygon’s ‘Dragon Protection’ ability and though it is a great ability, it is not worth setting up a Stage 2 bench-sitter for. This ability on a Stage 1 Pokémon would have been much better.

Swablu and Altaria 8/10

There was an Altaria with the ability ‘Fight Song’ in Black & White – Dragons Exalted and it saw a lot of play. I think it will it be much different with this one, assuming there is going to be a Dragon Pokémon that will be good enough to consistently beat meta decks. Not much else is there to say about this card, but that any deck that has a Dragon Type Pokémon as main attacker will want to run a few copies of this card. Speaking of Dragon Type attackers…

Altaria GX 7.5/10

With the support Dragon Type Pokémon get in this set, Altaria and Altaria GX as a team may be a viable deck to play. Without Double Dragon Energy however, Altaria GX may still be quite clunky of a card to play if you want to use ‘Sonic Edge’. The immunity to Pokémon GX’s attacks granted by ‘Bright Tone’ will prove to be quite powerful against most current meta decks, the low damage can be somewhat fixed with Altaria’s ‘Fight Song’ as well as Choice Band, making for a viable anti-meta choice.

Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite GX 3/10

Dragonite seems to be more of a worthless gimmick than anything. The GX attack is not worth it almost all the time, because the payoff is just not enough for the needed setup. Though the energy cost are weird, ‘Giga Impact’ can knock out most Pokémon GX if Dragonite GX has a Choice Band and/or Altaria to support the damage. Without those, the damage is not quite enough pay-off for the work that went into using the move in the first place. There are much better Dragon Type Pokémon to use than Dragonite GX.

Bagon, Shelgon and Salamence GX 5/10

Salamence GX is quite useful as it has an ability that works from anywhere on your field and an attack that deals decent damage. ‘Bright Flame’ lacks just a bit of damage to really shine. To some extent, this damage can be added with a Choice Band and Altaria, but this should not be necessary for an attack with such high cost. Still, 230 damage is more than enough to knock out any Basic and Stage 1 Pokémon GX. The ability ‘Dragon Lift’ is useful and shines most in a deck that has both Pokémon GX and non-GX attackers, to effectively switch them around however you need. Lastly, ‘Flame Jet GX’ is what I would expect from a regular attack on a Pokémon GX, not a GX attack. It can win you the game by knocking out a benched Pokémon for your last Prize(s), but except for this specific situation, it is far inferior to most GX attacks.

Kyurem 6.5/10

Finally, we see a successor to the Legendary Treasures Outrage Trio, and a good one at that. Unlike the previous ones though, this one can not hit anything for weakness, which might make it plainly worse than them. The new Dragon Type support from this set, Altaria and Dragon Talon in particular, may carry this one though. It is worth a try at least.

White Kyurem GX 2/10

The awkward Energy cost make an already pretty underwhelming Pokémon even worse. Though the damage of ‘Enraged Blade’ can be above average if the condition is met, most will simply try to knock White Kyurem GX out with a single attack anyway. Without the condition being met, the damage is just not worth it at all. Likewise for ‘Shred’, ignoring effects would be nice if the damage were worth using the attack in the first place. Unlike the previous attacks, ‘Dragon Nova’ does have decent damage but the Energy requirements make it not worth setting up, especially since you would be forced to use the other, pretty bad attacks from then on. I was hoping for the big Basic Dragon Pokémon GX from this set to be at least decent, but it sadly is not. Until we get Double Dragon Energy back into the Standard format, cards like this will just never be as good as they could be.


Zinnia 1/10

The restriction is too steep for the effect this card provides and the effect is absolutely not worth playing a Supporter card for in the first place. If Zinnia gave you access to energy from your Discard Pile or deck, we would be on a completely different level. Like this, however, Zinnia is not worth playing at all.

Blaine’s Last Stand 4/10

Blaine’s Last Stand seems extremely powerful at first glance, until you realise that the most you will likely draw with this card is 8 cards. That still is very good, but also very limited thanks to the conditions attached to it. More than 2 would probably be too many, as it will be dead in your hand quite often.

Lance Prism Star 7/10

A very powerful card, putting any Dragon Type Pokémon onto your bench straight from your deck is amazing, as this does not limit you to Basic Pokémon only, but allows you to also grab things like Altaria or Salamence GX. Likely though, it will end up being Altaria, Rayquaza GX and Latias Prism Star. Possibly a must have in every Dragon deck, though most of them should have enough consistency to be able to work well without this card.


Fiery Flint 3/10

Volcanion EX will love this card, but in Standard there are not many uses for this card as of yet, at least none that come to my mind. If we get something like Volcanion again, this card may see a lot of play, but as it stands currently, only Expanded can make good use of it.

Dragon Talon 6/10

As additional source of damage besides Choice Band, this is a decent card to use. Dragon decks tend to be aggressive, making a defensive card like this unlikely to be played a lot. This card works great with the new Kyurem though, allowing manipulative offensive and defensive plays.

Switch Raft 2/10

More water support, weirdly in a Dragon based set. Nothing special about it, likely not even pure Water decks will use this card.


Wela Volcano Park 1.5/10

Not worth the Stadium spot, or even the deck space. Ways to burn Pokémon are just too few and it still gets healed by switching, this card is a slight inconvenience to the opponent, not something they really care about.


This pretty small set does not offer much that can change the current Meta, except for Altaria GX as a good counter-pick and Reshiram GX and Kingdra GX may possibly make some waves as well. The exclusion of Double Dragon Energy in this set really surprises me though, since it is a Dragon set with a lot of mixed Energy Dragon type cards. I also think that this set does not have much to offer for collectors, since there is nothing outstanding here that will have a long lasting impact on the game or will hold a significant amount of value.

Meta impact: Barely any

Collectors value: None

Set Rating

4.0 / Awful

Remaining cards

Lastly, the remaining cards that did not deserve a mention in the article.


Full Arts


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