This article will provide you with valuable information that you will need if you are thinking about competing in Tournaments whether it be Standard or Expanded format.

All types of tournaments can be found all over the world and will be thoroughly explained within this article. Moreover, we will explain where to find tournaments near you, how to participate in them, and even how to win them! Furthermore, we will explain something called “Championship Points”, that you will need to be able to earn yourself a place in the most prestigious tournament you could possibly compete in; the World Championships.

Championship Points

First of all, by competing in all the various tournaments you can earn so called “Championship Points”. These points are rewarded to players based on the position they finish in one of the “Pokémon Championship Series tournaments”, which simply means in a by Pokémon officially endorsed tournament. All the tournaments discussed in this article are this by the way. Yet, some tournaments give more points than others.

The following types of tournaments are available (including the points won by getting 1st place).

  • League Challenge Tournaments – 15 points
  • League Cups – 50 points
  • Regional Championships – 200
  • International Championships – 500
  • World Championships – N/A
  • Special Events – 130


To be able to participate in the World Championships, you will have to reach a whopping number of 500 CP (Championship Points). You will have to play several tournaments and get very far in them as well to be able to reach this amount. Therefore, only the absolute best players make it to Worlds. Winning a Regional Championship is very hard by itself, and it only earns you 200 points. Yes, it is that hard.


Championship points isn’t the only price that you can earn at the several available tournaments. There are a lot of other cool prizes to win ranging from actual money to a fair amount of booster packs. The prices vary between tournaments as well. For example, winning the International Championships will win you $ 10.000! Additionally, players ranking 1st – 8th will also receive 216 booster packs. On the other hand, winning a league challenge will win you championship points only, or perhaps additionally a promo card. Lastly, the winner of the World Championship can not only say he/she is the best player in the world, he/she also wins $ 25.000.

The costs of participating in tournaments are fairly low, usually ranging between 10 – 40. However, in most (bigger) tournaments you will get a lot of goodies and cool TCG stuff that is worth a lot more than the price to participate, so even if you don’t make it very far it is always worthwhile to participate.

To make sure the best players, and not the players that join the most tournaments are able to make it to Worlds, a “Best Finish Limit” has been introduced. This means that only your best scores on tournaments account toward your total amount of points.

“If you play in more tournaments than the best finish limit cap, your top performances will be registered and the rest discarded.”

Getting as high as possible in tournaments is thus more important than participating in as many tournaments as possible, which is a very good thing! Especially for the people not being able to participate in all the tournaments.

Find events and participate

So now you know about all kinds of tournaments available, what Pokémon Championship points are, and how to earn them. You even learned about the amazing prizes there are to be won within the different types of tournaments. The next question is, where can i find these tournaments, and even more importantly, how do i participate?

First of all, you will need a Play! Pokémon account which you can create on the official Pokémon website. In this account, you can register for tournaments and also holds the points you have achieved thus far. Furthermore, you will need your player ID to be able to register for tournaments. With the Event Locator, you can search for any event you would like to participate in and check whether there are any of these tournaments nearby your location.

The Regionals, Internationals, and World championships however (Championship Events), have their own schedule, which for the Regionals be found here.  The Regionals for Europe have just taken place and no new Regionals are scheduled yet. However, there is currently one European International tournament scheduled on December the 9th (Standard), more info about this tournament can be found here. Winning this tournament will earn you 500 CP and will thus guarantee your place at the World Championships.


It is advised to learn about competitive play in Pokémon league tournaments first, which are smaller and contain a lot more beginners. This way, you can learn to play the game competitively and participate in the bigger tournaments when you are absolutely ready for it.

How to prepare for a tournament

Obviously, knowing how to play the game and what deck you want to play with are the most important aspects of the game. However, tournaments do take a lot more than just skill in the actual game to be able to rank high. First of all, tournaments can take all day up to three days long, which means you will be playing the TCG for 10 hours straight, for three days in a row. It takes a lot of stamina to be able to perform for that long a time and it is therefore wise to prepare for this very well, by for example eating the right foods and getting enough rest.

Moreover, knowing the meta of the game and being able to predict which decks most other players will be playing is also a very important aspect of winning a tournament. Therefore, a lot of players wait until the last minute to enter the deck they want to play, because that way they can use a counter deck to the decks that have already been registered. Knowing all the playable decks in the game and knowing how to play your own deck against them is the most important thing. Practice in online TCG, read about others players their experiences in tournament play, and make sure you know everything there is to know about the current meta. Only then, will you be able to become the Worlds Champion.

One of our contributors has recently played at the Dortmund Regionals, if you want to learn more about winning games at tournaments and the meta, this article is a very good place to start.

Our Forums is also a good place to discuss the TCG and tournament play, check it out!

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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