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Today i am writing an article about what I find are the top 10 coolest card to ever be released in the TCG. Now, this article is completely based on an opinion, being that there are more than a thousand of awesome cards released, your opinion will probably differ from mine :). Nonetheless, i still wanted to share my personal taste and i hope you guys can agree on the fact that the cards i am about to show, are pretty darn cool indeed :).

Without furtherado, here is my TOP 10.

10. Raikou EX (Full Art) 105/108 (BW Dark Explorers)


Starting off with Raikou, my personal favourite Pokémon. I’d really wish for them to make a new Raikou GX i could actually use in Standard format competitively, but this one is pretty awesome as well. He isn’t particularly strong, so this Pokémon is in the list for just being a very cool and good looking Full Art card. The colours are simply outstanding in my opinion.


9. Pokémon Center Lady Full Art 105/106 (Flashfire)


I am a really big fan of full Art trainers and if it were up to me, this list would be full of them. But i have to pick my favourite one because Pokéspot only allowed me to select one in total for the list 🙁 .. Therefore, this is my (2nd) favourite full art trainer. Yes, there is still one more in the list which is my absolute favorite, and it is ranked very very high as well, sorry Pokéspot :).


8. Charizard 1st Edition (Shadowless) 4/102 (Base set)


Only at rank 8 you say? Well it is definitely the most famous card of all time, and very cool too! But, in the years after so many awesome Pokémon cards have been released, so rank 8 is a very honorable position, even for such an amazing card as the famous original Charizard.


7. Ho-oh 149/144 (Skyridge)


Skyridge is the most amazing set ever released. All holographic cards in this set and even the normal cards really look amazing and have a certain “premium” feel to them. This is the 2nd coolest cards in the set, and number 7 on my coolest of all time list! Most people favor Lugia over Ho-oh… But i do not!


6. Charizard 146/144 (Skyridge)


Another Charizard? And yes this one is even cooler than the Shadowless base set version. Why you may ask? Well it is from Skyridge just like Ho-oh, and just look at it! The coolest card from the best set ever released! It is the best artwork any Charizard card has to-date for sure.


5. Dark Espeon 4/105 (Neo Destiny)

Dark Espeon

This card is worth a lot less money than most of the ones before, but it is a true gem. He almost looks a bit like Mew in this particular art.  The art is what really strikes me in this card, it is just… Perfect! I really wish the current day Holo’s were always this kind of style, it looks way better! Ah… the good old days…


4. Water Energy (Holo) 90/95 (Call of Legends)


Wait What!? An energy card in the top 10 coolest cards of all time!? How? Well, this is simply the nicest energy card ever to be created in the TCG. Cooler than Charizard? Yes, this card is cooler than Charizard… If you feel like you have a decent Swaggy deck already, try adding like 8 of this particular energy card in your deck, then we can talk about a true #SWAGDECK. But i gotta warn ya, they are pretty hard to get. The Lugia fans must agree with me on this one… Ready for the top 3? Here we go!


3. Skyla Full Art 122/122 (Breakpoint)


This card isn’t worth much, and it isn’t hard to get either. But it is my favourite Full Art supporter card of all time. Why? Skyla is just very… HOT 🙂


2. Rayquaza (Goldstar) 107/107 (Ex Deoxys)


Now if i would see this card in mint condition in real life… I would probably faint right on the spot. This card is simply epic, no other description would suffice. And yeah, it has a price tag… of about 300 euro’s. And you know what? It’s totally worth it. They simply don’t make em like these anymore.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for… The coolest card ever to be created is….


1. Entei EX Full Art (Dark Explorers)


Yup, this is it! My favourite Pokémon card of all time. Disappointed? It isn’t necessarily “special” in any way. But for me, it just has it. When i first saw this card i immediately fell in love with it, and told myself this is gonna be my favourite card of all time. This was a long time ago, and my feelings haven’t changed since :).

Do you agree on any of my picks? No, Yes? What does your top 10 look like? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading


  1. 0


    Not enough Charizard on the list 😛
    How about Shining Charizard from neo destiny?

    • Author
      Alex 2 years ago



      Not really a huge fun of the artwork on that one… To each his own!

  2. Darkrai_Fan_84 3 years ago



    No shining pokemons?

    • Diancie23 3 years ago



      What shining Pokémon should be in this list you think?

  3. Gekki 4 years ago




  4. Author
    Alex 4 years ago



    I believe it is =d

  5. Alex 4 years ago



    No eeveelutions? Espeon isn’t one anymore? =d

  6. Eevee4Life 4 years ago



    No Eeveelutions? This list is bs =d The Entei is quite a surprise but i understand why you would choose it and base Charizard rank 8? 0_0

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