Pikachu and Charizard are without a doubt the most popular Pokémon both in the series and for TCG collectors. However, Eeveelutions do not follow up too far from those two popularity-wise. Eevee is just as cute as Pikachu, whereas the Eeveelutions are just as cool as Charizard. The unique ability of Eevee to evolve into eight different Pokémon is probably the primary reason as to why they are so popular.

The list is based on three factors.

  • Artwork: The finest and most creative artworks.
  • Rarity: The rarer, the cooler… Right!?
  • Complete package: Includes the above two factors in combination with card type, set, attacks, abilities, and all other possible factors that might have an influence of how “cool” the card is.

Please note that it is a list that is based on a personal preference rather than fact. Therefore, you will most likely disagree with a lot of my choices. Luckily, there is a comment section in which you can communicate your own preferences without any issue. Lastly, I wanted to note that all eight Eeveelutions are included in the list.

Let’s begin…


Fairy Eeveelution

Sylveon GX – 140/145 – Guardians Rising

This is the most recent card in the entire list and the only Sylveon card in the list as well and there are several reasons for that. Firstly, Sylveon has the least cards made by far (only 3) so there is much less options to choose from.  Moreover, being as manly as me *cough*, pink doesn’t really do it for me making Sylveon the least interesting Eeveelution. However, this artwork does stand out to me and it is undoubtedly one of the best looking cards of the Guardians Rising set regardless. Moving on to number 9…



Espeon (Prime) – 81/90 – Undaunted

Now we have that girly fairy out of the way, let’s move on to the actual cool stuff! (JK Girls!). Now, you will find that as the list progresses the more old-school cards you will encounter. I love me some nostalgia, and this list is full of it. This card is an example of a “prime” card from back in the day. A very interesting and unique design earning Espeon a spot in the list. Moving on….



Leafeon – BW87 – Black & White Promos

I am going to admit this straight away, Leafeon is by far my favorite Eeveelution so i might be biased a little bit towards him.  This card is the 2nd most recent in the list as it is from the Black & White era which isn’t too long ago (2013 to be exact). The thing that stands out about this card most is consequently its artwork. It is colorful and has a very nice style of “paper” drawing that appeals to me greatly. Also, its expression looks very convincing. Next!



Umbreon (Prime) – 86/90 – Undaunted

Coming from the same set as Espeon Prime, Umbreon shines just a little bit more in my opinion toward its rival. There is a mysterious vibe going on in this artwork and the background with the moon and clouds is somewhat more relevant to Umbreon than the sun is to Espeon. Therefore, this card beats its rival in the artwork department. Note that i am not biased as i find both Espeon and Umbreon exactly evenly cool. Almost halfway there!



Light Flareon – 46/105 – Neo Destiny

This is the card that almost made it on top 5 not even being a holo or ultra rare card! It is the first time Flareon hits the list and does it with style. The contrast and the action type of background it has really makes Flareon look like a total badass! If all Eeveelutions would have a leader, it would probably be Flareon. Why you ask? Isn’t Charizard the leader of Venusaur and Blastoise without question if they would have one? Maybe it’s the fire type and the authority that is somehow accompanied with it. We are halfway, keep going!



Flareon (Gold Star) – 100/108 – Ex Power Keepers

Surprise! It’s Flareon once again! And this time it is even better than a holo or ultra rare card, it is none other than a Gold Star card! These were near to impossible to pull back in the day and Pokémon wasn’t very popular at that time either (2007), well at least the TCG wasn’t. Therefore, there aren’t many of these out there in the wild making it very, very rare and tough to get your hands on. Although the artwork might be better of the previous one in my honest opinion, this one stands out a lot more in rarity making it ranked higher by a fairly large margin.



Glaceon LV.X – 98/100 – Majestic Dawn

Glaceon hits the list finally, and it does so in the not in this list before seen Lv.X card, coming from a time where Pokémon TCG wasn’t very popular either. However, these are not considered that rare as the pull rates at that time were significantly higher. Nonetheless, this is the best Glaceon card out there design wise and is still quite old-school, thus makes for an earned number 4 position! Top 3 here we come!



Jolteon (Gold Star) – 101/108 – Ex Power Keepers

One of the two Eeveelution that was yet to be included in this list and it doesn’t take anything less than a top 3 position. It is one of the original three and popular upon many Eeveelutions fans worldwide, with a body consisting of thunder and lightning, it is the ever sparking Jolteon! Of all the Jolteon cards this is the most famous and valuable one and i couldn’t find many, if any, with artwork better than this one. Getting closer to that number 1…



Vaporeon – 19/115 – Ex Unseen Forces

Vaporeon was the only Eeveelution still missing in the list and this is the most outstanding artwork on any Eeveelution card ever made. The most outstanding one? But isn’t there still a number 1 after this? Well, there is, but as you will find out this statement is yet completely true and the first place will be quite surprising. Are you ready?



Eevee – BW97 – Black & White Promos

What a fraud! The Number one spot of the list in “Eeveelutions” isn’t even an Eeveelution! Well, without Eevee there were no Eeveelutions in the first place… So ssssh! Now, the reason this card is on top is simply because of the artwork. As you might have noticed, Eevee is playing around alongside Pikachu within a beautiful colorful paradise looking place. This card simply breathes Pokémon and is nothing but iconic.


I bet you disagree on a lot of these and i am wondering what your favorite Eeveelution cards are so let me know in the comment section!

I will also create my top 10 lists for each Eeveelution after this one starting with Espeon, so be on the lookout for that too!

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Thank you for reading,


  1. Laura17 3 years ago



    Sylveon is the best

  2. sycofMORE 3 years ago



    How can Umbreon not be ranked 1… he is by far the coolest Eeveelution

  3. Kirstin22 3 years ago



    So little love for Sylveon! 🙁

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