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XY12 Evolutions has been out for over a week now. None of the cards have changed the meta that much, but there are ALOT of cool decks you can build from this set. In this article we give an overview of the 10 coolest decks you could make, and a video to show how to play it by none other than the two biggest PTCG Youtubers of today, Darkintegralgaming and YellowSwellow.


1. M Charizard 1 (Generations) – Massive Damage!

2. M Charizard 2 (Evolutions) – Massive Damage!

3. Ninetales BREAK – Budget deck

4. Growlithe – TROLL Deck

5. Slowbro EX / M Slowbro EX – Fun Deck

6. Pidgeot EX / M Pidgeot EX – High Damage/Low Energy Cost Deck

7. Venusaur EX / M Venusaur EX – Disrupt Deck

8. Blastoise EX / M Blastoise EX – Bench Damage

9. Beedrill –  Bench Damage

And last but certainly not least…

10. Base set Charizard – Massive Damage/High Energy Cost

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  1. SventheMan 3 years ago



    Great decks, but more fun to play than it can win against really good decks

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