The archetype in this deck, Metagross GX, is a tank, a main attacker and a powerful ability into one. This combination is primarily what makes it good. The weakness of the deck, however, is the fact that it does take some time to set up properly. Nonetheless, once the Pokémon is set up, with at least two, or (preferably) three Metagross GX, it is pretty much unstoppable. Another interesting aspect about this deck is the fact that is also has a good matchup against the current BDIF in the meta, Gardevoir GX. Moreover, it also has resistance against psychic type Pokémon, which also helps against the very popular and powerful Garbodor as well.

A forum topic about the deck can be found here: go to forum

The archetype

A stage 2 GX Pokémon that (consequently) needs some setting up before it can make its move. However, this also (usually) ensures the fact that its HP is tremendous, which indeed it is with a number of 250. That is a huge amount of HP which therefore a lot of decks will struggle to take down, especially in one hit. Moreover, its ability ‘Geotech System’ is what makes Metagross GX as a main attacker work. It allows you to place an energy card from your discard pile to your active Pokémon. This is especially neat for this deck, because Metagross GX’s attack ‘Giga Hammer’, which does 150 damage, needs three energy and can’t be used during your next turn. That sounds pretty bad, but not only does it, with a choice band, knock out most GX (basic) Pokémon with 180 damage, the ability ‘Geotech Hammer’ allows a new Metagross GX to be set up in no-time to take over the active spot. Thus, even if you retreat your Metagross GX, which has a huge retreat cost of 3 energy, you can still attack with another Metagross GX in your next turn (most likely), if you have one that is. Therefore, it is very important to try and have as many Metagross GX on your bench as you possibly can and as quickly as you possibly can. Lastly, its GX attack is actually pretty decent as well. Especially when you have that one Metagross GX up but struggle to get a 2nd or 3rd up in time, the GX attack ‘Algorithm GX’ provides a capable solution. It allows you to pick out 5 (any) cards from your deck and put them in your hand. Usually, you should use it to grab some Rare Candies and the necessary Pokémon to set up your additional Metagross GX’s for next turn.


Pokémon - 16

Trainers - 34

Energy - 10

4 Beldum GRI 834 Professor Sycamore STS 1144 Psychic Energy
3 Metang GRI 84 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 1306 Metal Energy
4 Metagross-GX GRI 851 Professor's Letter XY 123
1 Necrozma-GX BUS 1342 Brigette BKT 134
3 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 601 Skyla BKT 148
1 Alolan Vulpix GRI 213 Guzma BUS 115
4 Ultra Ball SUM 135
4 N FAC 105
4 Choice Band GRI 121
3 Field Blower GRI 125
4 Rare Candy PRC 135
3 Max Potion GRI 128

Total Cards – 60



Now the archetype is clear and you have seen the decklist that I have been testing, it is time to talk about the strategies that make this deck work. The continuous switching between your Metagross GX and providing them with energy with the ability should be pretty clear by now, so I won’t get into that much more, but will talk about the additional cards that are part of the deck and what their functions are.


A first turn Brigette is essential in this deck to set up in time. You will need as much Beldums on your bench on the first turn as possible. That way, you can start evolving for multiple Metagross GX in an early stage of the game. Brigette allows you to place three Beldums on your bench right off the bat.

Tapu Lele GX

Really helps increase the odds of getting that essential first turn Brigette. Moreover, it helps grab Guzma when necessary to get some more control in the game and pick out your priority targets first. Not only that, but thanks to energy acceleration you could power up your Tapu Lele GX for an attack as well. Because the more energy it gets, the more damage it does. Moreover, you could even use its GX attack ‘Tapu Cure GX’ because we are in fact playing psychic energy and it only needs one. It increases the tank potential of the deck even further than already is the case, which already is pretty insane.

Necrozma GX

For some reason, Metagross GX can both accelerate metal and psychic energy. So playing a basic psychic attacker in the deck is not a bad idea with this helpful tool, especially in the current format. Necrozma GX’s job is to potentially one-shot opponent’s that have a higher HP count than 180, which Metagross GX can’t do because its damage is capped at a ceiling of 180. It also helps against high HP psychic Pokémon like Espeon GX because of the 2x multiplier that comes with weakness.

Alolan Vulpix

Helps a lot with setting up as well which does take some time and effort with this deck. Vulpix allows you to grab Beldums as well or any other Pokémon you might need. Vulpix can be an essential piece of the puzzle when you somehow fail to get Brigette on your first turn.


Although energy acceleration helps to set up a new Metagross GX after retreating one, it is sometimes also nice to be able to switch your active in situations where you either don’t have enough energy to retreat, or can’t afford to pay for the energy cost. Using Guzma not only helps to retreat for free, it also lets you choose your opponent’s active Pokémon, which can be a Pokémon you want to knock out, or a Pokémon with a high retreat cost to disrupt your opponent’s attacks. In a sense, Guzma works even better than Lysandre for this particular deck, and even better than Olympia as well.

Max Potion

Once you have switched your Metagross GX for a fresh new one to the active position, it could be the case that it has taken some damage along the way. Since it will probably have no energy attached to it anymore, a Max Potion works perfectly since you won’t have to discard any energy. This is a great weapon in this deck mainly because you won’t drop on energy count on the board, and healing up a highly damaged 250 HP Pokémon back to zero damage, is simply very, very powerful. Be sure to use them at the right moment though, wasting a Max Potion for 30 damage if you could have used it a turn later to heal off 230 HP is not something you want to happen.


Tapu Lele for her in your darkest hour! She can get any item for you so grab that essential Max Potion, Rare Candy, or Choice band to turn the tide.

Field blower

Three might be more than usual, but getting rid of items will often allow you the time that you often need to set up. Moreover, if your opponent happens to play ability block Garbodor and sets it up and you can’t remove the item, it’s game over. So you need these mainly to increase your odds for certain matchups.

Rescue Stretcher

Sometimes you struggle at the start and you might have to sycamore some important Pokémon away. Rescue stretcher will help you get those back because you simply need them.


Tournament Results

Me explaining how great this deck is sounds good and all, but what are the actual facts? Since the release of Guardians Rising in which Metagross GX was introduced, its results at several Regional championships have been nothing decent to be honest. Metagross GX’s best result have been at the Bremen Regionals held on the 16th of September 2017. In this tournament, Robin Schulz (DE, 9) and Tom Hall (UK, 11) were the highest ranked Metagross players at regionals to date.  However, if they had dodged Volcanion EX, they could have went all the way.

Meta discussion

The deck is great and has everything a good deck needs to be among the tier 1 decks out there, yet it’s not. The fact that Metagross GX has weakness to fire, and fire decks are all over the place right now, especially with Volcanion EX, Metagross simply has no place in the meta. If you can somehow dodge all Volcanion/Fire decks in a tournament, however, your chances are actually pretty decent to get really far. Perhaps in the future, when Steam Siege might have rotated out and Guardians Rising might have not, this deck truly will reach tier 1 status and more top 16 spots at Regionals. For now, it will remain a sleeping volcano, waiting to be awakened by the absence of Volcanion.


This is where significant changes to the deck itself or its place in the meta will be communicated. Often this happens when a big tournament just ended or a new set just has released.

Release Forbidden Light. (May 04, 2018)

Ultra Necrozma GX

[P][M] Photon Geyser: 20+ damage. Discard all basic [P] Energy from this Pokemon. This attack does 80 more damage for each Energy card discarded in this way.

[P][M] Destructive Light GX: This attack can only be used if there are 6 or less total Prize cards remaining in play. Place 6 damage counters on each of your opponent’s Pokemon. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

In most cases, Ultra Necrozma GX will simply be a better version of Necrozma GX. The ridiculously high amounts of damage Ultra Necrozma can deal are not only easily accessible with the help of Metagross GX, but also can hit for damage numbers Metagross GX can only reach with 2 attacks. This gives the deck more ways to deal with threats that could cost you the game before. With Metagross GX and Ultra Necrozma GX as attackers, Fairy and Fire decks are somewhat less of a threat, making this deck more much viable than it was before.

Mystery Treasure

Discard a card from your hand in order to play this card.

Search your deck for a [P] or [N] Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

Though unable to search for any member of the Metagross line, Mystery Treasure can be used to search for Necrozma GX, Ultra Necrozma GX and Tapu Lele GX. However, since most of the decks tactic is based around Metagross GX, Mystery Treasure should only be used as “additional Ultra Balls” if necessary.

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    @endlesssteel did not have this problem at all with the deck, i am sure he can give you some tips 🙂

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    I always lose the game because i can’t get metagross gx up in time 🙁 Any tips?

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