Promo cards are a nice addition to the Pokémon TCG for both collectors and competitors. The hardest promo cards to get, are often the strongest ones. For example, the premium collections contain the best EX cards you could get, but are pretty tough to get your hands on, and pretty expensive too. Beedrill EX and M Beedrill EX are such cards. They sure were hard to get, and as it turns out even harder to make a decent deck out off, but i did my best :).

Now, only one question remains…

To Bee or not to Bee


Let´s get the most obvious problem out of the way first: M Beedrill EX has a glaring weakness, beeing switch cards (e.g. Olympia, Switch, Escape Rope, Zoroark…). Since those are in every single deck, using “Hazard Stinger” effectively is a real challenge. Moreover, evolving a Pokemon also clears out status effects, so even that can disrupt you when using M Beedrill EX.

I took on that challenge and I can tell you, it was frustrating to see so many attempts end up beeing beeaten easily. However, even my finalized version of this deck is very dependant on luck (coinflips). It, however, is the version I had the most fun with, and you will see why. I personally love playing Beeatdown-Disruption decks. When you already can build up a strong Pokemon to beeat up the opponent, while disrupting the plays he/she makes, you can get the upper hand quite easily.

That is what I went for with this version of M Beedrill EX.

(I intentionally used the cheapest version of each card to make the list as neatly arranged as possible)

Snivy – Servine – Serperior

As you can see, I paired M Beedrill EX´s paralyzing effect with Servine, which also paralyzes, to keep the opponent unable from retaliating as much as possible.

The Snivy line can easily bee picked back up from the discard pile with Revitalizer, effectively recycling the “Serpentine Strangle” effect. But not only can they paralyze the opponent, but Serperior also is a capable attacker for a single energy, which means it does not take away much from the energy M Beedrill EX needs to attack.

Crushing/Enhanced Hammer

The hammers are in here to further disrupt your opponent and keep their back line from getting too powerful while the active Pokemon is poisoned and paralyzed, or to give you time to fully charge a Bee. It can bee really frustrating to finally get out of a paralyze lock, just to have nothing to switch into, since most energy is already gone.

Beedrill EX – M Beedrill EX

You may bee wondering, why I have put only a 2-2 line of the bees in the deck, when the focus is supposed to bee on them. Well, let me explain. You will rarely find use for more than 1 M Beedrill EX in a match. The reason beeing that they are very energy hungry. Even when the attack looks cheap at 2 energy, you generally need 2 attachments or at least one Mega Turbo to get M Beedrill EX running again. And when they get knocked out or discarded, Revitalizer and Super Rod can just fish them back out.

One important thing to mention, is Beedrill EX´s first attack, Double Scrapper. It greatly helps disrupting careless opposing Mega decks like M Mewtwo EX or M Gardevoir EX.
Just discard their Spirit Links and they skip attacking that turn for mega evolving. Discarding tools attached to Garbodor to stop Garbotoxin from working also is a possibility.


Strengths and weaknesses

With the large amounts of disruption, opponents are likely to struggle and not bee able to retaliate while you repeatedly paralyze them. The attack cost for all attacks in the deck are low, so attacking early with Serperior or a Bee is easy. Forest Of Giant Plants also helps you possibly paralyze first round or even evolve M Beedrill EX without the need of a Spirit Link when you cant attack in the very first round of the game anyway. Sadly, the deck lacks anything resembling a one hit KO move. As I mentioned beefore, the biggest weakness of M Beedrill EX is any type of switch card. But the opponent can only switch so much, beefore the ressources run out and they have to take the beeating.

The question is, will your ressources run out first? And to bee honest, quite often, they will. Sadly, there seems to bee no way around that. Another weakness (quite literally) is any kind of fire deck. The currently very popular Volcanion decks need only 3 “Steam Up” effects on a normal Volcanion to oneshot a M Beedrill EX ([20 + 30 + 30 + 30] x 2 = 220), that means for a single attachment, they can reak in two prizes and destroy one of your most valuable cards in the deck. Carefully playing around with Lysandre, paralyzing and some luck can still win you those matches though.


The deck has some easily accessible weaknesses, but is fun to play, though you have to have some kind of sadistic nature to really enjoy playing a deck like this.

Ressource managing in this deck is key, but terrible coinflip luck can still cost you the game sometimes. The high reliability on luck and the weakness to commonly played cards take away all competitive value from this deck, sadly.


+ Very fun to play

+ Paralyzing ALOT

+ Strong against M Mewtwo


– Consistency

– Fire

– Switch / Olympia / Escape Rope

Deck Score


(Fun deck score: 9/10)

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  1. tcgKINGler 4 years ago



    Aww man i tried this deck out too a couple of weeks ago, took me so long to get the cards by trading for em only to find out they suck a LOT haha 🙁

  2. Alex 4 years ago



    I really had high hopes for this card when it came out. Maybe with the Sun & Moon base set, these types of decks get a lot stronger. So don’t get rid of your bees just yet 🙂

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