*UPDATE: When this deck was reviewed it was a part of the Standard format. Yet, with the latest rotation this deck will be an Expanded format deck. 

This is the first deck review entry of much more entries in the future in the deck review series to come!

It’s been a while now since the release of the Fates Collides expansion. There has even been an announcement of a new series called “XY Steam Siege” by now and they revealed two cards from the series as well. Seems like they are adding a nice little twist with cards that have dual energy types. I do think that the contrast of blue and red really looks amazing.


Now to the matter at hand…

Alakazam has been one of my favourite pokémon since the release of the series and i am happy he is making his return in the PTCG scene. Apart from the cards being very awesome competitive-wise, the look and feel of the cards are astounding as well. Since the cards are released for quite some time now, i did have plenty of time to mutate this deck into perfection. At least, as how i would like to play it of course :-). Note that by no means am i a competitive player or a professional player. I mostly play for fun, but deck builds do interest me a lot and i really enjoy building them.



First of all, the deck is really fun to play with. The main focus of the deck is obviously the low cost attacks of Alakazam EX and M Alakazam EX. Suppression allows you to put damage counters on all pokémon that have energy attached to them. This means that any pokémon that are being build to attack on the bench will be damaged as well. Even though this damage is decent, it will not take them out. Therefore, M Alakazam EX comes into play. He will do an extra 30 damage for each damage counter on the active pokémon. This means that 50 damage will take out most pokémon in 1 hit. Moreover, when Alakazam EX Mega evolves, you are allowed to put two damage counters on the active, and three damage counters on a benched pokémon as well. So the damage counters will stack up pretty quickly.

Now the way this deck has to be played involves a lot of mega evolve/de-evolving to allow yourself to continuously add damage counters to active and benched pokémon. This means that adding four super scoop ups and  three de-evolution sprays is key for success. Obviously, four Alakazam spirit links are a necessity as well. I have been playing with this particular deck for quite a long time now, and have made quite some mutations over time. I know what you are thinking, BATS! But no, adding bats to the deck kind of destroys it as a complete focus on Alakazam will do the trick way more efficiently. The full deck list contains the following cards:

Deck list


2x Shaymin EX

4x Alakazam EX

4x M Alakazam EX

1x Wobuffet (Bide Barricade)

1x Absol (Cursed Eyes)

1x Mew (Memories of Dawn)

1x Deoxys

1x Hoopa EX (Scoundrel Ring)


4x Alakazam Spirit Link

4x Super Scoop up

3x De-evolution spray

1x Startling Megaphone

1x Super Rod

2x Trainer’s Mail

4x Ultraball

4x Vs Seeker

1x AZ

1x Hex Maniac

1x Lysandre

3x N

3x Professor Sycamore

4x Dimension Valley


4x Mystery Energy

5x Psychic Energy


I will not discuss all cards within the deck in detail because a lot of trainer cards are quite generally used in any deck (Shaymin EX, Sycamore etc.). First of all, use Wobuffet to block any abilities of your opponent while still being able to use your psychic abilities. Use Absol to switch three damage counters to be able to go for the knock-out.  Mew is a great stand in as using this card makes it possible to use suppression from Alakazam EX without having to fear giving away two prize cards. Deoxys is added due to its great power as being a starter Pokémon. Its ability to use an attack at the first turn can be a true game changer. Hoopa EX has an ability to call out three EX cards when being put on the bench. Use this to take two Alakazam EX’s out and Shaymin EX for additional card draws.

Now, 9 Energy cards is rather low compared to most other decks, but the low cost of the attacks and the combination of the great stadium card that carries the name ‘Dimension Valley’ allows you to use the attacks of both M Alakazam EX and Alakazam EX with a single energy card. The retreat cost is low as well, and completely free when using mystery energy cards, so there are a lot of survivability tweaks in this deck combining the scoop ups and AZ as well.


The deck also has some weaknesses though. First of all, it does depend a bit on coin flips due to the Super Scoop Ups. Therefore, hitting tails the entire time can really break the vibe and could make the game a lot harder to win. Furthermore, playing against decks that have much healing power is killing as well. M Alakazam EX really relies on damage counters already being placed on your opponent’s pokemon. If these damage counters are being removed by healing, you won’t be able to do any serious damage. And you can’t keep evolving/de-evolving your Alakazams forever. Two decks that have much healing capability are the Greninja BREAK Deck and most Fairy based decks. The Greninja deck is very popular at the moment and pretty much a direct counter to the Alakazam deck.

Fortunately, the great Alakazam has a lot of neat tricks which makes the deck very fun to play. Moreover, it still can be strong against a lot of decks including the very tricky (and slightly annoying) Night March Deck. There are some more counters out there though. I haven’t gotten the chance to play against all kinds of decks yet. So please do let me know in the comments section which decks are strong against M Alakazam EX. And also mention the decks that Alakazam is strong against as well :-). I do recall some games playing against a Raikou based deck, which were difficult because of rough seas. But if you are able to get your cards in position quickly, you should be able to destroy them early on. The longer the game takes, the harder it will become to win.


Would i recommend you take time to trade/buy cards to build this deck? Yes, i definitely would! But do be prepared to meet ALOT of Greninja BREAK Deck players that will completely destroy you. If you want to see the deck in action, the following video will give you a good overall view on how the deck is played, even though the deck itself is rather differently tweaked than the one i use.


+ Neat Tricks

+ Survivability

+ Massive Damage


+ Needs Damage counters to do damage

+ Relies on coin flips

Deck Score



Next Deck Review: Jolteon EX / Raikou / Magnezone

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  1. Author
    Alex 4 years ago



    Yes it definitely is, yet it does lose Dimension Valley, which belongs to the set Phantom Forces that is being rotated this September. This means that you will need to add some more energy to be able to attack. But, the attacks are pretty low cost even in comparison to other great decks, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  2. JakePika 4 years ago



    Is this deck still playable after rotation?

  3. PokéZohan 4 years ago



    I am using this deck too. I use it a bit differently though. I win most of my matches with it, its pretty awesome.

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