After exclusively playing decks that are meta contenders based on decklists of the best players, i felt like it was time to build a deck that isn’t meta, but strong and fun to play with nonetheless. I used to play a lot of mill decks including the Houndoom EX based one, and always thought it was a lot of fun to disrupt your opponent’s play. The first card that i noticed when Sun & Moon had just released was Umbreon GX due to its GX attack, which allows you to remove two energy. The second card that caught my attention was Team Skull Grunt, which also allows you to remove two energy from your opponent’s hand. See where this is going?

I immediately knew i was gonna try and make an Energy denial deck out of it, even though the current meta does not really favor such a deck, or does it?


I had to make this deck from scratch as i wasn’t able to find any decent decklist online. It takes a bit more time, but building a deck from scratch the way you well please is such a fun part of this game. I figured that i needed more than Umbreon GX to attack with because its damage output is somewhat limited. Hence, i looked through all the darkness cards in standard and my eye immediately focused on one amazing card.

Yveltal from BKT doesn’t only allow for additional bench sniping damage, it also blocks item cards of your opponent. An ability that has proven to be critical for this deck to work and very powerful indeed. Tauros GX also fits in this deck very well as it puts pressure on your opponent while you keep spamming those annoying hammers to remove your opponent’s energy, and build up your own bench at the same time.

But, will this deck stand a chance in the current meta? 

The deck primarily revolves around the following six cards:

Yveltal 94/162

You would think that this card has become obsolete with the release of GX cards. But no, it hasn’t. Because your opponent often plays 1 or 2 Shaymin EX and maybe even a Hoopa EX. His ability locks Pokémon with a Float stone attached to them. Combine that with Team Aqua’s secret base, and some energy removal and your opponent is gonna have a bad time if they can’t find a Switch or Escape rope.

Yveltal will cost you about 1-2 pack(s) to get online and about $ 2.50 in real life.

Eevee 101/149

Eevee was born to evolve, and it will certainly do so thanks to its ability. Just add a darkness energy and BAM, your Umbreon GX has arrived. Because this makes Umbreon GX so easily obtainable, you only have to play two of them in your deck.

Eevee will cost you about >1 pack(s) to get online and about $ 0.24 in real life. 

Umbreon GX 154/149

This is the superstar and the energy removal Master of the deck. Charge him up and strike down your opponent with the GX attack when you can’t reach your Hammers or Team Flare Grunt. Removing two energy is extremely powerful, especially when you have been removing loads of Energy before already. His damage is decent too and really works well with Yveltal, as they both deal bench damage. No Shaymin EX is safe!

Tauros GX will cost you about 2-3 pack to get online and about $ 6.50 in real life.

Tauros GX 156/149

Your opponent will be scared to attack him and hence will be a strong active Pokémon while you charge up your Dark types. Tauros will either help you buy some time or he can retaliate and knock out on of their Pokémon. Works well in pretty much any deck, but really shines in this one.

Tauros GX will cost you about 2-3 pack to get online and about $ 6.50 in real life.

Team Aqua’s Secret Base

A secret base that is also our secret special weapon! Don’t let your opponent know you run these! Just use them lategame only when your opponent is on his last Energies, and Lysandre a high retreat cost Pokémon to the active spot. Your opponent is already low on Energy, and all that Energy needed to be able to retreat is way too overwhelming. In this situation, a Switch or Escape Rope is their only escape, otherwise it’s gg as you will bench damage the heck out of them.

This card will cost you nothing, nobody uses it. 

Crushing Hammer 60/83

The oil that runs this machine of a deck. Spam those hammers! Bye Energy! Them being reliant on a coin flip can be a bit annoying, only getting tails will really break the vibe.

This card will cost you nothing. 


This deck is really cheap, because all cards in it (besides Tauros GX) are not considered meta. Yveltal BKT was about four times more expensive some time ago than it is now, because its popularity dropped massively due to the fact that is strong against EX cards, but useless against GX cards.

Full Deck List

##Pokémon – 11

* 3 Eevee SUM 101
* 2 Shaymin-EX ROS 106
* 1 Tauros-GX SUM 144
* 2 Umbreon-GX SUM 154
* 1 Sableye AOR 44
* 2 Yveltal BKT 94

##Trainercards – 39

* 4 Professor Sycamore STS 114
* 1 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
* 2 Lysandre AOR 78
* 4 VS Seeker PHF 109
* 1 Parallel City BKT 145
* 2 Team Aqua’s Secret Base DCR 28
* 2 Escape Rope PRC 127
* 1 Ilima SUM 146
* 1 Skyla BKP 122
* 2 Switch SUM 132
* 4 Crushing Hammer GEN 60
* 3 Ultra Ball FAC 113
* 1 Special Charge STS 105
* 2 N NVI 92
* 1 Super Rod BKT 149
* 1 Team Flare Grunt XY 129
* 3 Trainers’ Mail ROS 92
* 1 Team Skull Grunt SUM 149
* 2 Enhanced Hammer PHF 94
* 1 Delinquent BKP 98

##Energy – 10

* 4 Double Colorless Energy FAC 114
* 6 Darkness Energy EVO 97

Total cards – 60


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Hard”.

From the beginning of the game until the end you will try to remove as much energy as possible. Most decks play either Pokémon or Trainer cards that make it able to obtain Energy cards from your discard pile, which is the primary reason why a deck with energy removal as strategy is not so popular. However, removing energy isn’t our only weapon. When your opponent is running low on resources, it is time to Lysandre their Hoopa EX with a Float stone (or any other high retreat cost Pokémon), and use Yveltal BKT as the active Pokémon to disarm the Float stone. You can start destroying their Pokémon on the bench as Hoopa can take three hits. That is four prize cards and there is nothing your opponent can do, unless they have Escape Ropes and Switches, which are your biggest enemies. Luckily, many decks prefer to rely on Float stones, which are useless against this deck. If your Yveltal does get taken out, your Umbreon GX will do the rest of the necessary damage to win the game.

You have two GX attacks, Umbreon GX’s double energy removal and Tauros GX’s massive retaliation damage. Both are just as important in this deck and it is an important decision which of the two you need. Sometimes it is better to keep removing energy with Umbreon GX. However, sometimes it is better to just take the main threat out, especially when that main threat is charged up with energy as well.

Normally we would use a YouTube video of someone playing with a similar deck. However, this “rogue” style of deck is nowhere to be found on the internet. At least, i couldn’t find it. So, no video to be seen here!

Moving on…

Strengths & Weaknesses

I can be really short about this part for this deck. Your strength is resource exhaustion, your weakness is resource retainment. It doesn’t get more simple than that. You easily win games against opponents that don’t play that much Energy and don’t have that much to get them back from the discard either. Too bad most decks do though, as getting your Energy from your discard is beneficial to a lot of decks, (e.g. Volcanion, Yveltal/Dark, Greninja) as for some it allows them to charge up their Pokémon twice as fast. Moreover, Special charge and Super rod are often played as well. Thus, you will find that against a lot of decks it isn’t easy to get to the point where your opponent runs out of energy. But, there is no such thing as an autoloss, as you will see that even Volcanion has a weakness which this deck can take advantage of.


Almost all decks have their own arch enemy decks, easy wins.. and auto losses. Even though this is more a fun-deck that isn’t anywhere close to the meta, it can still beat anyone. Especially if you are a smart player that knows his deck well and even more importantly, your opponent’s deck too. Knowing how much energy they play, if they play switch or float stones, and other useful knowledge will be necessary to be able to be successful with this deck. Because, you do have to make the right moves.

Vespiquen 50/50

She really needs her DCE, and we are not gonna let her feed on them. Thats why we have a decent chance against this deck. Especially if you Team Skull Grunt first turn for a double DCE discard, OUCH!

 Volcanion EX 40/60

A hard matchup as baby Volcanions can get Energy from the discard and attach them to Volcanion EX. However, your strategy is either taking out the baby Volcanions as soon as possible. Or make your move lategame as all Volcanion EX are charged up and have their Float stones, you Lysandre their Hoopa EX out as you have Yveltal (BKT) as your active and Team Aqua’s Secret Base as the active Stadium. In this scenario, there is no way to retreat Hoopa EX unless you attach three energy to it. In the meantime, Yveltal will bench snipe its way to victory.

M Mewtwo/Wobbuffet/Garbodor 50/50

M Mewtwo is certainly beatable, as it uses DCE to really get to the high damage numbers as well, and those are easily removed. The strategy is just to keep removing the Energy from the start and not let them build up any damage. Yveltal will help with its ability because it disables Spirit Links, which will cost your opponent a turn if he wants to evolve. Locking them in is a breeze too as there often is a Hoopa EX on their bench. The resistance of Umbreon GX to Psychic is also very helpful.

Decidueye GX / Vileplume 40/60

Take out that Oddish/Gloom, fast! If you are able to stay out of Item Lock you will be fine against this deck. Any DCE will be easily removed, which this deck relies on just like M Mewtwo. But, if your opponent does manage to get Vileplume up, just give up… You are simply doomed.

Lapras GX 40/60

You are both removing Energy, but who is the better remover? Unfortunately, this deck doesn’t fair that well against Lapras GX because there are no EX Pokémon in it to snipe. Moreover, Manaphy will allow them to retreat for a single water energy, and water energy is what this deck runs a lot. So yeah, hard times if you can’t lock any of their Pokémon in or get all their energy in the discard, permanently. Sableye can be very important against Lapras as you could, for example, lock them with a double Delinquent. That is the main reason why Sableye is included in this deck… Infinite Team Flare Grunts!

M Rayquaza 40/60

M Ray is all about recovering from Parallel City drops. Hence, they play loads of cards that can get their resources back… Umbreon GX does not like that at all! Hard matchup indeed.

Turbo Darkrai EX 50/50

I’ve played against this deck often and i found that even though Turbo Darkrai plays a lot of Energy, you still have a very good chance. The more energy you remove the lesser the Max Elixirs will be able to do their job. Once they start missing those, your chances are increasing. Try to not allow Yveltal to get back Energy from the discard and you will be fine.

Wonder how this deck does against a deck that isn’t in this list? Just ask in the Comments or in the Forums and i will be happy to provide you with some info.


Oh boy, it is so incredibly fun to annoy your opponent into oblivion. Playing this deck I’ve seen a record number of angry smiley faces, and rage quits early game. I must admit this deck has some flaws because Energy is just something that can be easily returned once it is gone, especially for the meta defining decks out there. Nonetheless, the amount of Energy you can remove is massive and getting your opponent locked in is something you will moderately often succeed at. No game is an auto-loss, and playing this deck is just so entertaining and fun to do.

It is cheap to build both online and offline, so just try it out! Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments what you think or what you would change/improve about the deck.



+ Energy Removal

+ Early RQ Potential

+ Incredibly fun to play


– Energy Retainment

– Switches/Escape Ropes/Olympia

– Itemlock


Deck Score


Next Deck Review: Lapras GX

Previous Deck Review: Yveltal EX / Garbodor


  1. RYesse 3 years ago



    I actually do play Umbreon but I play a different list and each League challenge I’ve bought it to I’ve gotten top 4

    • Jake 3 years ago



      Nice! What does your list look like?

  2. Diancie23 3 years ago



    I love Umbreon!

  3. TheLegend27 3 years ago



    This deck is not so good against GX heavy decks… Try beat Solgaleo GX with this deck.. You can’t! 🙁

  4. mol 3 years ago



    what is the price of umbreon gx?

  5. Kirstin22 4 years ago



    I tried Umbreon GX in some other decks but never in a full Darkness deck… This looks interesting!

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