You know this deck is popular when you start playing it online, and the first three matches you get are mirror matches. Some Youtubers and other TCG players with a popular opinion are pretty much saying that this is the best deck in standard today, period. Now, i don’t know whether it is actually the strongest deck you could play right now, but the numbers don’t lie. In the latest tournaments this deck has been demolishing the charts, having the top 8 decks consist of at least three Yveltal EX based decks, pretty much all the time. Facts don’t lie, and if we were to follow them you could “in fact” say that this particular deck really is the strongest deck there is in Standard.


Yveltal EX has been around for about three years now and it has been popular in both Standard and Expanded pretty much the entire time.  But, it is in the last couple of months where it is really becoming a superstar. A new decklist with regular Yveltal from Breakthrough with the ability “Fright Night” and Garbodor has really turned out to be a golden combination, winning the massive international tournament held in London a few weeks ago.

It is really the charm of the TCG that a particular card can be overlooked and not be used for quite a while for it being simply deemed too weak, to be discovered by someone who starts winning tournaments with it, to have it grow out to be one of the most popular cards in the TCG. This is exactly what happened with Yveltal from Breakthrough.

The deck revolves around the following three cards:

Yveltal EX – XY150

The Superstar of the deck and a more than decent card overall. Will save you your energy when a two-shot knockout is sufficient, which is more important than you might realise. Furthermore, he will give you more damage with the Evil ball attack against your opponent’s Pokémon that have energy on them, increasing the damage by 20 with each energy card. Consequently, Yveltal EX performs best against energy hungry cards. He used to be quite expensive but with the recently released promo card his price decreased massively.

Yveltal EX will cost you about 3 packs to get online and about $ 7 in real life. 

Yveltal – 94/162

This card was overlooked for quite some time, only to find out that it is simply amazing. Not only does it remove the effect of tool cards in play, so for example by pulling out a high retreat cost Pokémon from the bench with Lysandre, float stones will not work for retreat. And, its attack allows you to do 60 damage to not only the active, but also a benched Pokémon. So, no Shaymin EX in play will be safe. Once Garbodor is up, Fright Night will be cancelled so placing your Fighting Fury Belt on this Pokémon is also an option.

Yveltal will cost you about 5-6 packs to get online and about $ 8 in real life.

Garbodor – 57/122

Garbodor has only one purpose in life, and that is being really annoying. He is used in so many decks nowadays because his ability has a massive impact. A lot of decks depend on their abilities and this deck doesn’t as much, so adding Garbodor is a logical decision.

Garbodor will cost you about 2-3 packs to get online and about $ 5 in real life. 


If you don’t want to spend too much money, but still need a deck that can win you tournaments, this is the way to go. It is less expensive than most other tier 1 decks but works just as well. It still needs the 2 Shaymin EX, but any strong deck does honestly, so if you think getting the Shaymin EX is too expensive to get, you will probably never have a chance getting wins in tournament matches.

Full Deck List

Pokémon – 11

2 Yveltal BKT 94
3 Yveltal-EX XY 79
2 Garbodor BKP 57
2 Trubbish BKP 56
2 Shaymin-EX ROS 77

Trainer Cards – 3

4 Professor Sycamore BKP 107
3 N FAC 105
2 Lysandre AOR 78
1 Delinquent BKP 98
1 Pokémon Center Lady GEN 68
1 Team Flare Grunt GEN 73
4 VS Seeker PHF 109
4 Ultra Ball FAC 113
4 Max Elixir BKP 102
3 Fighting Fury Belt BKP 99
3 Float Stone BKT 137
2 Enhanced Hammer PHF 94
1 Escape Rope PRC 127
1 Super Rod BKT 149
2 Parallel City BKT 145

Energy – 13

4 Double Colorless Energy EVO 90
9 Basic { Darkness } Energy EVO 97


There aren’t really alternatives to this deck that are considerable in the Pokémon department. You could add “Oblivion Wing” Yveltal from Steam Siege, which allows you to move an energy from your discard pile to a Pokémon on your bench. But, this deck has shown to not really need that as it already gets plenty of energy by itself. Furthermore, some trainer cards could be changed to your preference, for example some players prefer Olympia or Pokémon Ranger above Delinquent in this deck for multiple reasons.


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Medium”.

It doesn’t have one particular way of being played. You have to determine what kind of deck you are up against, and adjust your play-style to your opponent’s deck. You will often find that using Garbodor’s Garbotoxin nor Fright Night will be that beneficial. Either way, you will need to find which abilities are actually in your favor, and who to focus on powering up, either baby- or EX Yveltal. Furthermore, it is important to learn when you want to use Y Cyclone to save energy and when to use Evil ball to go for as much damage as possible.

This time we are using a video by YellowSwellow to show how the deck works.


There isn’t really something in particular this deck is amazingly good at, yet it is pretty much decent at everything. This also means that there aren’t really any decks that give you an auto-win, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it doesn’t have any auto-loss opponents either. It does decent damage, for not that much of an energy cost and it can do a decent amount of bench damage too. It also keeps the energy on the board thanks to Y Cyclone, which is also a very neat thing to have. Furthermore, it can block both items and abilities with its own abilities… Neat! What mainly makes this deck so strong, is that your Pokémon don’t really need much, so you have a lot of room in your deck to improvise.

Decent damage

Yveltal EX will do more damage the more energy there is attached to both you and your opponent’s active Pokémon. Which means, that the biggest threads will also be taking the biggest hits. Yveltal is comparable to Goku from the DBZ series, the stronger the opponents get, the stronger he gets himself. As Goku can, Yveltal can also share his Energy with his comrades so if he were to fall, his friends can keep on fighting. Furthermore, the regular Yveltal will buy himself more time with his ability, to really snipe down weak benched Pokémon like Shaymin EX.

Energy preservation

This is mainly thanks to Y Cyclone, the great attack of Yveltal EX. Saving your energy this way has a huge impact on the game and has more advantage to it than you might think beforehand.


With this deck you have two great abilities in your hands. First is Garbotoxin from Garbador, which disables all abilities in play. This will disrupt your opponent, but also your own play a bit so learn when to use it best. Moreover, “Fright Night” Yveltal shuts down the Pokémon tool cards in play, so float stones and fury belts are useless, and they are played a lot.


Every deck has their strengths, but unfortunately (and especially fortunately or the game will get boring real quick) also their weaknesses. For this deck, these are the following; Lightning/Jolteon EX/Zebstrika and M Gardevoir.

Lightning/Jolteon EX/Zebstrika

Lightning decks are really not that strong to be honest, but as Yveltal is weak to lightning that can be problematic. Zebstrika is a true counter to both this deck and M Rayquaza because it can one-shot your (Mega) EX cards for one DCE. Jolteon EX can make it hard for you too as can decks based on Raikou and Raichu. Nonetheless, none of these opponents are an auto-loss, but a matchup against Zebstrika will be very hard to win. A deck based on Zebstrika and Vespiquen is actually pretty popular right now because of the popularity of this deck, which will only increase as this deck gets more and more popular.

If you are scared of playing against Jolteon EX you could add a Pokémon Ranger to the decklist to increase your chances, as a Pokémon ranger can remove effects of attacks which allows you to attack Jolteon EX.  It would probably be best to replace Delinquent.

 M Gardevoir

You also have a pretty bad matchup against M Gardevoir simply because the deck is really strong too, but also has a resistance to darkness. Furthermore, as M Gardevoir can remove damaged Pokémon from the bench with Despair Ray, and can heal up a lot with Fairy Drops, getting two-shot knockouts will be very hard.


There isn’t something really amazing about this deck in my opinion, it just wins you games because it is simply strong and solid against almost any opponent. The rise of this deck is causing for an increase in decks based on Jolteon EX/Zebstrika and M Gardevoir. Nonetheless, Other decks like Volcanion EX are strong against them and is just as popular as Yveltal is right now, so you won’t be running into them that often. This deck is strong enough to win against any deck and win you games at big tournaments as has been shown at the last couple of the big ones including the International Cup in London which this decklist is based on. But, is it really the best deck out there? Maybe… probably… Together with Volcanion EX it is definitely at the top right now.



+ Decent Damage

+ Ability- and Item lock

+ Energy Preservation


– Lightning/Jolteon EX/Zebstrika

– M Gardevoir


Deck Score


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