Perhaps the most powerful deck in the current meta, but can it be made even more powerful?

Thus far we haven’t really reviewed the most powerful and most popular decks in the current meta. The main reason for this is that i personally like to try and beat these decks, with decks that are more personal and tweaked to my own taste and aren’t really that popular overall. Decks based on the powerful M Mewtwo are probably one of (if not THE) most popular decks there are right now, leading to the fact that you will have to fight this particular deck at least once in a tournament. I decided to give this  deck a go even though i am allergic to overused and overpowered decks/cards in the game, but heck it is really fun to feel this powerful and win so many matches. Because this deck simply is THAT good and will, when you know how to use it to perfection, win you ALOT of matches. I have done exactly that, and i feel that i’ve played so many matches and tweaked this deck to what i feel is nearing perfection. Which means that i learned to use the right cards, in the right amounts to reach a scary high level of consistency with this particular deck.


The decks we have covered thus far all had their weaknesses. This deck however, is strong in pretty much any regard. First of all, it has very fast build up thanks to Spirit Links and the low energy cost of the attacks of M Mewtwo. Furthermore, the damage output is simply amazing with in particular the attack “Psychic Infinity”, which gives you 30 more damage for each energy attached to both active Pokémon. Because this deck is so popular, most of you are probably already familiar with its basics. Therefore, this review will mostly focus on details and card combinations that might make it even better. One negative point to this deck though, is that it is quite expensive to put together.

The deck revolves around the following three cards:

Weavile – 61/114

Weavile is a must in any deck that has (a lot of) important items in it. The power to move around tools as much and in any way you like is simply amazing. It also lets you choose some other important cards for your deck, because you won’t need as much items as you would normally use, because you can simply recycle them. Evolved your Mewtwo EX into M Mewtwo EX? Simply move your spirit link to another Mewtwo EX and get another free Mega Evolution. Did your opponent Lysandre your Hoopa EX and your float stone is on your Shaymin EX? Simply move your float stone to your Hoopa EX and retreat, and use your (M) Mewtwo EX to take revenge on messing with our bench!

Weavile will cost you about 1 pack to get online and about $ 1 in real life. 

Mewtwo EX – 62/162

The main power of this card is its “Damage Change” attack. Sure, its first attack shatter shot will let you attack pretty quickly with a decent amount of damage, but damage change is simply amazing. You can literally move all the damage from Mewtwo EX to your opponent’s Pokémon, often knocking out your oponnent and completely healing yourself, allowing for a more than decent amount of survivability.

Mewtwo EX will cost you about 3 packs to get online and about $ 8 in real life.

M Mewtwo EX – 64/162

This attack is even more powerful when Mewtwo EX evolves, and has a whooping 210 HP! That is very hard to one-shot, and if you don’t… you can most likely knock out your opponent with damage change. M Mewtwo can’t use that attack? Well no, but with the stadium card “Shrine of Memories” he can! Furthermore, if your opponent has any energy cards on him, the attack “Psychic Infinity” will do a whole lot of damage, and is to be called a very powerful attack as well. Heck, it is one of the strongest attacks for that amount of energy i have ever seen in the TCG.

M Mewtwo will cost you 5-6 packs to get online and about $ 20 in real life.  

To summarize, get your M Mewtwo up as quickly as possible with as much energy as possible, to do massive damage and get control with the “Damage Change” attack. Keep control of the game by setting up Weavile in the background and move around your Spirit links and Float stones as you see fit.


Cards like Shaymin EX, Hoopa EX, and not to forget three times the Mewtwo EX/M Mewtwo EX make this deck to be pretty expensive to make, unfortunately. On the other hand, it is really one of the best, and not to mention coolest decks out there. So, you are getting good value for your buck, especially if winning games is important to you :-).

Full Deck List



As mentioned before, this deck pretty much has no weakness, and that is a huge strength on its own. The main strengths of the deck however are:  Fast and Easy Setup, Survivability and Massive Damage.

Fast and Easy Setup

As mentioned before, the energy costs of the powerful attacks of both Mewtwo’s allow for a very fast buildup. The deck also has Mega Turbo AND Max Elixir’s to really speed up the process to make your Mewtwo’s Ready in a flash. Because this deck is so popular, many players know how it works and learned some tricks to play themselves around it, which might make it difficult. Therefore, you have to have some kind of element of surprise. The combination of Mega Turbo’s and the Elixirs will provide just that. Being able to set up so quickly that even your opponent will have no idea what happened, even though they played M Mewtwo decks billions of times. Keep in mind that the deck only has two stadium cards that will allow M Mewtwo to use “Damage Change”, so only use them when necessary and try not to discard them, as you cannot retrieve them back from your discard pile.


Because both Mewtwo EX and it’s big brother can use damage change, its survivability is amazing. Just the simple fact of moving your opponents damage away from you and knocking out your opponent, is a move that is very difficult te recover from. Furthermore, thanks to Weavile you can move around your float stones so you can swap out your Pokémon as much as you want to increase your survivability as well. Sometimes it is smart to move Hoopa EX to the front for example, to get your Mewtwo’s ready for the knockout or damage change move, to simply switch Hoopa EX back the next round, without losing any Pokémon. You could play one Fighting Fury Belt in the deck as well, as you can move it around and give your active Pokémon even more HP to survive the hits it might have to endure. Lastly, one thing that is also nice to know is, cards like Glaceon EX, Carbink and Regice might block your attacks, but they will not be able to block you from using “Damage Change” to remove all damage counters on M Mewtwo, but not placing them on one of these three. This will buy you enough time to survive the weak attacks of these specific Pokémon to get your Pokémon Ranger out, to take them out regardless.

Massive Damage

I can be short about this strength, the attacks of Mewtwo are just really powerful, especially for the amount of energy cost they have. This particular fact is what makes the deck so popular, and consequently expensive to build.


Every deck has their strengths, but unfortunately (and especially fortunately) also their weaknesses. For this deck, these are the following; Actual Weakness and Giratina EX.


Ironic that weakness is its actual weakness, but it is. Psychic weakness can be tricky to play against, especially since the attack of M Mewtwo, “Psychic Infinity” is not effected by weakness, meaning that it won’t do double damage to other Psychic Pokémon, but their attacks most likely will do double damage against you. Therefore, Psychic decks like Alakazam EX are a thing to look out for, but learning how this particular deck works will teach you that there are plenty of possibilities to overcome the small advantage this deck might have on you. Playing against other Psychic decks, it is often is better to focus on Mewtwo EX his first attack to go for the one-shot knockout, as that does the 2x damage. Because, Alakazam EX also has a weakness for psychic.

Giratina EX

We have never actually used a specific Pokémon (EX) card as a weakness before, but Giratina EX is definitely something to watch out for. It can block both attacks from Mega Evolved Pokémon, as it can block the use of special energy. This deck is dependent on both, and therefore vulnerable to this card. Use both Hex Maniac and Pokémon Ranger to get a chance to take him out nonetheless. Lysandre is also a solution as you can just try to take out the other Pokémon on the bench. The deck has all three of these supporter cards and three VS Seekers to pull them out when necessary, which should be enough to be able to win even against all odds.


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Easy”.

As usual, we use DarkIntegralGaming his amazing videos to give guidance as to how-to-play a specific deck. Even though this deck is fine-tuned the way i personally like it best, it gives a good overview as to how the deck works and how to play it, on a pretty basic level however (sorry DarkIntegral! :-).


This is the strongest deck i have ever gotten to play with. Furthermore, after playing a lot of matches using the decklist of Darkintegral as a basis, i must say that i have really mutated the deck into perfection. Even its weaknesses can be played around and result in a victory. Therefore, this deck is definitely recommended to anyone who has the resources to get it, whether online or offline. This deck can get you really far within any tournament you would might want to enter.

Note* Many TCG players ask me why i use an additional single Professor Birch next to my N’s and Sycamores. The answer is simple, sometimes a Sycamore is just too painful to use because you cannot afford to discard the cards in your hand. Furthermore, sometimes N will help your opponent out a lot more than it helps you out. Situations like these really scream for draw support that only gives you cards, and even though based on luck as to how many, still provides you with cards without having to pay for it in either way.



+ Fast and Easy Setup

+ Survivability

+ Massive Damage


– Weakness

– Giratina EX

Deck Score


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Looking to buy the cards to build this deck? You can find the cards here!

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  1. MeMewTwo 4 years ago



    The items swapping is a fun gimmick, but not more than that. If you want to win matches against meta defined decks Garbodor is the way to go, indefinitely.

    • Eevee4Life 4 years ago



      I agree on this though i hate Garbodor soooo much

  2. Eevee4Life 4 years ago



    Interesting deck…. will try out for sure! Isn’t it a bit dangerous to play just 1 Shaymin EX and 1 Hoopa EX Though?

    • Patric 4 years ago



      I wouldnt play more than one Hoopa in this kind of deck no matter what, since it really is only useful on turn 1 or maybe 2, after that it becomes a dead card.
      A second Shaymin may be useful, but would clutter the bench and should be used carefully

    • JakePika 4 years ago



      I would always play two of both shaymin and hoopa because if they are prized up you are pretty much screwed

  3. Patric 4 years ago



    Really strong deck, but rather difficult to get used to. I personally prefer a more streamlined v ersion of Mewtwo with either Wobuffet or Garbador.
    Nontheless, this is a great deck that everyone who can afford Mewtwo should try and maybe adjust to their own playstyle just a bit.

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