Best (standard) lightning deck after rotation you could possibly make?

Being as that Jolteon is my personal favorite Eeveelution, that i instantly chose Zapdos and thus Team Instinct above the other two teams, and Raikou being my favorite Legendary pokemon, merely is a small reflection of how much i like Lightning Pokémon above all others. Therefore, it only came natural that the next deck i would review would be a Lightning one. Primarily based on Jolteon, Raikou and no not Zapdos, but Magnezone as the stars of the bunch.


This deck’s style isn’t about getting one-hit K.O.’s, or doing massive damage. It is about having control of the game, and being able to handle any situation that comes your way. So if you are half as much as a control freak that i am, this might be the deck for you.

The deck revolves around the following three cards:


 Jolteon EX – 28/83

This card is pretty hard to get, because it is simply powerful. First of all, it has no retreat cost, which is crazy for an EX card. Furthermore, the attack flash ray will protect Jolteon EX from any attacks from basic pokémon, which includes any EX Pokémon as well. Therefore, he can buy you a lot of time to make sure you are all set up. Sometimes Jolteon EX is all you need if you play against an EX heavy deck with no Mega Evolutions, because they simply can’t touch you. Unless they would have cards to undo the effect like Hex Maniac or the new Pokémon Ranger.

Jolteon EX will cost you about 20 packs to get online and about $ 30 in real life. 

Raikou – 55/162

The main damage will come from Raikou, who also has a neat Ability. The ability will reduce incoming attacks by 20 if he has a lightning energy attached to him. His attack does 50 damage plus 20 more for each additional lightning energy. Combine Raikou with a Fighting Fury Belt and Rough Seas, and he is very hard to take down. He does need a lot of energy to do some serious damage, but that is where Magnezone comes into play.

Raikou will cost you about 3 packs to get online and about $ 3 in real life. 

Magnezone – 55/162

To complete the recipe, magnezone is a vital card due to its Ability. You can add as many Lightning Energy from your hand to any of your Pokémon, as often as you want. This means you can charge your Raikou with lightning speed! The biggest problem is setting Magnezone up in the first place, but once that is done, you are nearly unstoppable.

Magnezone will cost you 1 pack to get online and about $ 1,50 in real life. 

To summarize, use Jolteon EX to buy you some time to set up your Magnezone’s to enable yourself to add as many Lightning energy from your hand to your Pokémon. Once Magnezone is up, you can keep powering up new Raikou’s if they get taken out, simply by getting the Energies you lost back with Fisherman. To enable you to set up correctly and keep everything moving accordingly, the follow cards need to be taken into your deck.

Full Deck List




As mentioned before, the main focus of this particular deck is being in control, and being able to handle any situation thrown at you. The main strengths that are a consequence of this are: Survivability, Versatility, and Weakness/Resistance.


Both Raikou and Jolteon are very hard to take down especially with Fighting Fury Belt and Rough Seas at their side. All your Pokémon have cheap retreat or no retreat-cost at all, so one float stone will be sufficient. When adding Lightning Energies to your Raikou, you can start doing massive damage, which leads to 2-shit K.O.’s to any of your opponent’s Pokémon. Octillery, also known as “The Sushi Master” will help you draw the cards that you need to set things up. Once Raikou hits 6 Energy Cards in total he will be even able to one-shot EX Pokémon, and you would be able to get 4 Energy back with Fisherman if he gets knocked out, and instantly power up another Raikou with the awesome ability of Magnezone. Raikou will be just as tough to knock down as any EX, but will only give your opponent one prize card. Therefore, you will be able to survive much longer, and the longer the game will take, the more things will most likely turn to your favor.


You might notice i added a Delinquent in there in favor to maybe another Wally or Ultra Ball. The reason i do this is simply because you play three stadium cards in your deck. This means that either your opponent will try to remove them with their own stadium cards, or your opponent can’t remove the stadium and you will have two spare stadium cards. Either way, playing Delinquent can not only remove your opponent’s stadium card in play, but will also force your opponent to discard three cards in their hand. Furthermore, if you already have a Rough Seas in play, you can use it once to heal off your Pokémon. After that you can play Delinquent to remove the Stadium Card, play another Rough Seas and heal again in the same turn. There might even be situations where you need to draw cards and you have the option to choose between playing N or Delinquent, in which it is sometimes wise to choose Delinquent. Sometimes it is better to disrupt your opponent and try to get him stuck, than it is to make sure you draw the cards that you need. And i must say, thanks to her i have been able to turn the tide in many games in which i was losing, to turn to my favor and eventually even win the game.

Resistance and Weakness

Another very important factor in this deck is the weakness/resistance favor it gives you. A lot of decks play Shaymin EX, which is weak to Electric type Pokémon. This means that you can one-shot K.O. Shaymin EX very cheap and fast, and consequently get two prize cards for free. Furthermore, thanks to the special Flash Energy that is included in this deck, you can remove your weakness, which in this case are fighting Pokémon. This makes this deck a lot more versatile and actually will help you win more games than you would probably think.


Every deck has their strengths, but also their weaknesses. For this deck, these are the following;

Slow build-up

If you really draw a poor starting hand your start can be really slow. You have a lot of building to do as you will first need to get Octillery up and running, so you can consequently get Magnezone on your bench as fast as possible. Evosoda and Wally will help speed this up, but it can still take some time. This makes this deck weak against fast high damage decks like Volcanion EX / Flareon EX.

Limited Damage output

With 6 Lightning Energy cards attached to Raikou, you will be able to one-shot knock-out a regular EX Pokémon. But, with the current meta, Mega Evolutions are played very regularly. Not only is a Mega Evolution a good way to get rid of Jolteon EX, they will also be very hard to take down because you simply will not have the damage to be able to do a one-shot, or maybe even two-shot K.O. on a Mega Evolved Pokémon with a Fighting Fury Belt attached to it. Therefore, this deck isn’t that strong against Mega Evolution Decks. The best thing you could do is try to take out the threads first, but this deck doesn’t really rely on fast play, so it might prove difficult.


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Intermediate”.

You can pretty much start using it and it won’t take that long to get use to. But, due to its versatility, you do need a lot of experience with this deck to know exactly what you have to do against other specific decks and come out on top. As always, we would like to use our favorite YouTuber DarkIntegralGaming, who makes a lot of very helpful Deck videos. In this video, he will take you through a couple of games which really give you very good insight in how the deck works, and how strong it really can be.



This deck will definitely be a serious contender in the new meta after the rotation in september. Many decks lose vial cards and are weakened a lot because of the rotation, yet this deck doesn’t suffer any losses. It even got stronger as for example Fighting Fury Belt is a very good addition to this deck. And perhaps more importantly, it is a very fun deck to play with some neat strategies that can really turn around games that seem lost from the start.



+ Versatility

+ Survivability

+ Resistance/Weakness Advantage


+ Slow build-up

+ Limited Damage output


Deck Score




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  1. JakePika 4 years ago



    There’s no way i will ever be able to get strong cards like Jolteon… Anyone got some tips how to get good cards online?

  2. Author
    Alex 4 years ago



    As you can see, next deck review will be Flareon EX / Volcanion EX! Let us know if you have a specific Deck you would like us to write a review about and we will definitely consider writing one :-).

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