Are Fire Decks still relevant after rotation?

Fire decks have always been pretty popular. They are commonly being used as quick decks, meaning that they are based on setting up as quickly as possible, doing high amounts of damage.Unfortunately, rotation have caused for Fire Decks to lose a couple of very powerful cards, including Blacksmith. Blacksmith allows you to power up your Fire Pokémon a lot faster, which is necessary due to the high energy cost Fire Type Pokémon commonly have.  Or isn’t it?


We spoke of being in control on our last Review concerning the Jolteon EX / Raikou / Magnezone Deck. This deck is pretty much the opposite, as you don’t really play to have control. Consequently, what this deck is about is getting your damage up as quickly as you possibly can, and hopefully destroy their Pokémon before they even have a chance to set up properly.

The deck revolves around the following three cards:

Flareon EX (Full Art) – RC28/RC32

Though it not being that hard to get, Flareon EX is a very powerful card indeed. Why? Well it does 20 damage for each fire energy attached to it, which is pretty decent. Furthermore, his ability makes this attack a lot more dangerous than it initially might look. With a combination of Max Elixir, Flash Fire (Ability) and regular energy attachment, you could potentially add three energy to Flareon EX in one turn. And three energy is enough to attack for a whooping 120 damage! Yes, this is including the Fighting Fury Belt of course :).  Now that is ALOT of damage, in a very short amount of time.

Flareon EX will cost you about 2 packs to get online and about $ 4 in real life (Full art $ 8). 

Camerupt – 2/34

There is always that chance that your Flareon EX gets knocked out, and you lose your energy to your discard pile. No worries! Camerupt can just simply get these energy back with its awesome abilitiy “Burning Draft”. Once Camerupt has the energy, Flareon EX can simply take them from them with its own ability “Flash Fire”. This way, if your Flareon EX does get knocked out, you will have a fresh one fully charged ready up in no-time. Furthermore, Camerupt is only a stage 1 evolution, which makes it easier and faster to set up than most other ability support-type set ups, Neat!

Camerupt will cost you about 1 pack to get online and about $ 1 in real life. 

Entei – 14/98

There are a lot of cards out there that make it impossible to attack with your EX Pokémon, such as the well-known Regice and Carbink just to name two. Entei is your savior against most of these type of Pokémon. With his attack Combat Blaze he has two-shot potential, especially if your opponent has a lot of benched Pokémon.

Entei will cost you 1 pack to get online and about $ 1 in real life. 

To summarize, use Flareon EX to do massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. This is possible with the help of Max Elixir and his ability to take any fire energy from any of your Pokémon. Keep the Flareon’s coming by getting your discarded energy back with Camerupt, and kill any anti-EX Pokémon your opponent might have with Entei.

Full Deck List


As mentioned before, the main focus of this particular deck is setting up quickly, and doing quick damage. The main strengths that are a consequence of this are: Speed, Reliability, and Consistency.


The fact that you can add three energy cards to Flareon EX, who does even more damage with each Fire Energy attached to him, is simply great. In most matches you will have your Flareon EX running a lot faster than your opponent can do any type of energy. This way you are able to eliminate his Pokémon before they even become a threat at all. You will run through your deck and get the cards that you need in no time with the Max Elixir and Trainer’s Mail combination. The chance of you running out of cards isn’t that great either, because once you set up you can step on the brakes and just start recycling the Energy you need rather than having to draw new cards instead. Therefore, i pretty much never had the situation arise that i lost a game due to the fact that i ran out of cards.


Due to the fact that you don’t really need a large set up to get things running, you will almost never get stuck. This means that this deck is very reliable indeed. Because the deck is pretty much 100% focused on speed, speed is exactly what you will get, every single match. And because you are so speedy, you don’t really need to have that much control of the game, because you will just simply destroy anything that comes your way. Therefore, there are no VS Seekers played in the deck. If you would, you would probably get more overall control by getting cards like Lysandre and Pokémon Ranger at will, but this will also hurt your quick setup, and that is exactly what you do not want to happen.


There are so many ways in which you can get your Energy flow running, that it would be near to impossible to not be able to charge up quickly. You could say the popular saying “the best defence is offence” is a very effective saying for this particular Deck. Once your Flareon EX gets knocked out, you will have on or two up in the meantime. With the help of Scorched Earth you get even more drawpower next to the high amount of Sycamore’s (4) and N’s (3). And not only that, by discarding a Fire Energy, Camerupt will be able to get it back, and Flareon will be able to take it from Camerupt. So this is also another neat trick to keep the Energy Fountain flowing gracefully.


Every deck has their strengths, but also their weaknesses. For this deck, these are the following;

Lack of Control

Being able to do massive amounts of damage in a short period of time is more than decent, but it does lead to some awkward situations because you don’t really have control of what is happening on the battlefield. You have the army, but the army lost all communication with the base and can’t be ordered to attack a specific position. In other words, you don’t really get to use cards like Lysandre when you might need them, which can make it hard to try to take out a specific Pokémon that is the highest thread. This way, your opponent will often have a strong Pokémon on the bench buiding up that you can’t really touch. You do have Lysandre in your deck just in case, but it is hoping that he will show up when you need him. Furthermore, your opponent might be able to disrupt you by pulling out Camerupt as your active Pokémon. He has a big (three Energy) retreat cost that will be hard to pay if your Flareon’s are already holding all the Energy. Therefore, try to use the float stone that is included in the deck primarily for Camerupt.

Hard to One-Shot

With the introduction of Fighting Fury Belt, getting one-shots has become a lot harder in general. A regular EX Pokémon gets a boosted 240 HP in total with it. Getting this amount of damage would mean that you would have to get a total of 9 energy cards onto your Flareon EX. There are 11 Energy Cards played in this Deck, so even though it is possible… Good luck with that!


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Beginner”.

All you really need to learn is how to use the abilities in the best way to get the energy flowing fast and consistently. Once you get the hang of these you will soon find out what choices to make that gives you that extra speed you need in order to win the game. DarkIntegralGaming once again has a nice video that will give you very good impression on how to play this deck in his usual “three AWESOME matches”.


Playing with this deck feels very natural and relaxing even. The fact that you don’t really need to worry about your setup, and you just having to focus on charging up your Flareon EX is a comfortable play-style to say the least. Playing against this deck on the other hand, can be aggravating. Once your opponent sees a Flareon EX getting charged up within one turn, heart rates increase, sweat begins to form in and around the arm-pits, and fear is the only emotion noticeable hence forth. In other words, it is a very hard deck to play against, because fast play is just a very effective strategy to win your games.  Furthermore, the reliability of the deck and the high chance that you can actually set up quickly are two factors that make this deck not only fun to play, but a very strong contender in the meta after rotation as well.


+ Fast Damage!

+ Consistency

+ Reliability


– Lack of Control

– Hard to get a One-Shot

Deck Score


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    Nope 🙂 It is close to the edge though 😀 It is from Primal Clash

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    Didn’t Camerupt get rotated out?

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