It is about time we took the Sun & Moon set into more consideration as we had not reviewed any deck of it yet, until now. I personally wanted to give the set some more time before deciding what cards and decks are worthwhile now, and also in the future. It seems that an item lock deck in combination with Decidueye GX is more than worthwhile as it is winning a lot lately.


Turbo Darkrai EX is the deck i reviewed before this one and completely loved because of its low amount of vulnerabilities. This deck however, has loads. It relies on abilities so if your opponent gets Garbodor up, it is going to become very difficult if you can’t take it out. Furthermore, Enhanced hammer is being used quite a lot nowadays as it can remove a DCE in an instant. Well, this deck relies a lot on DCEs, without them you are going to have a bad time as well. Furthermore, the deck can be slow due to the fact that Decidueye GX and Vileplume are both a stage 2 and need to be evolved. That being said, even though it relies on some factors that are easily countered, the fact that the deck is incredibly strong remains. Because, you can play around all of it, fairly easily too.

But is it strong enough to compensate for its vulnerabilities?

The deck primarily revolves around the following three cards:

Decidueye 12/149

Amazing HP, Ability, and GX attack. Nonetheless, a mediocre attack of 90 damage, but with the ability especially with multiple Decidueye GX, often more than enough damage to get the job done. The only true downside, is the fact that it is a stage 3 Pokémon. But, that is where Forest of the Giant Plants comes in, which allows you to evolve straight away.. even on your first turn! Its GX attack is also very neat as it can really help you at situations where you either get stuck or need some specific cards to help you out, as you can get any three cards from your discard pile. This specific GX move is somewhat of a replacement for VS Seeker, which you won’t be able to use anyway because of Vileplume… And neither does your opponent.

Decidueye GX will cost you about 20 packs to get online and about $ 14 in real life. 

Forest of Giant Plants 74/98

A very powerful stadium card that really empowers grass decks by a large margin. Too bad there were never any real good grass cards to make a deck out of to take advantage of this card, until now that is.

FotGP will cost you about 0-1 pack to get online and about $ 0.50 in real life.

Vileplume 3/98

Once you are all set up and good to go, you hopefully ran through most of your items and your Pokémon should be able to take it from there. Therefore, Vileplume will be annoying for you even if you set it up yourself, but even more annoying for your opponent. Oh yeah, Vileplume locks out all item cards in the game.

Vileplume will cost you about 0-1 pack to get online and about $ 0.50 in real life.


I would say this deck is quite expensive, especially online as Decidueye GX is worth a lot of packs due to its popularity and being from the latest set. The three Shaymin EX also make it quite expensive as well. Moreover, Beedrill EX and the promo Jirachi can be quite difficult to get both online and offline. Therefore, getting this deck together can be quite difficult and by no means can this deck be referred to as a budget-deck. Probably the most vital card in this deck is the stadium Forest of Giant Plants which will be rotated out next, so whether or not investing into Decidueye GX i will leave up to you.

Full Deck List

Pokemon – 25

4 Rowlet SUM
4 Dartrix SUM
4 Decidueye GX
2 Oddish AOR
2 Gloom AOR
2 Vileplume AOR
1 Lugia EX
1 Tauros GX
1 Jirachi XY67
3 Shaymin EX
1 Beedrill EX

Trainers – 28

4 Professor Sycamore
3 N
2 Lysandre
1 Lillie

4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
1 Revitalizer
2 Float Stone

4 Forest of Giant Plants

Energy – 7

3 Grass
4 Double Colorless


When i write a review based on a specific card such as in this case Decidueye GX, i do so for a deck combination i have been practicing with and i really feel is the best option for the particular card in the current meta. However, there are always other options and decks do tend to change constantly due to constant shifts in the meta. Decidueye GX is a very popular card that can be used in a lot more different setups. The following cards can be alternative options.

As the current decklist includes a lot of different Pokémon and doesn’t use one main attacker, alternatives mostly focus on a single main attacker rather than multiple Pokémon. For example, using three Tauros GX instead of Vileplume and Beedrill EX could make the deck a bit more consistent, but will make you more vulnerable to other decks that give a bad matchup. Furthermore, Alakazam EX can be interesting because it will do a lot of damage with Pokémon that have damage counters on them, and Decidueye GX will gladly arrange this for him. Also, if you want to rely even less on items, Shiinotic is also an option, as he can pull out the Pokémon you need with its ability. But, this makes the deck even more vulnerable to ability lock by Garbodor and will hurt your consistency somewhat as well because you are already using a lot of Pokémon in the first place.

Instead of Lugia EX as a main attacker you could also enhance your ability to item lock your opponent and really take full advantage of it. Hoothoot will allow you to item lock your opponent before you might be able to get Vileplume up. This will cause for item cards to stack up in both yours and your opponent’s hands and will really slow your opponent down from turn 1. Its evolution Noctowl can do serious amounts of damage because of this for a single DCE as it does 20 times the amount of damage for each item card in both your hands… Neat!


The difficulty of playing this deck is “Medium”.

Obviously, you really want to be starting first with this deck because it might take some time setting up. In the most favorable situation, you will start first and get your Vileplume up, have Tauros GX as your active and try to get up 1 or maybe even 2 Decidueye GX up on your bench. Therefore, getting up your FotGP will be vital in whether or not you will be able to achieve this. If you are able to get two Decidueye GX up, that means you can do 40 damage even though it is your first turn and you can’t attack, the abilities of Decidueye GX can still be used nonetheless. As the match progresses just try to keep getting as many Decidueye GX up to max out your damage potential.

This time we are using a video by the TrainerChip to show how the deck works. A great channel, be sure to check out his other videos as well.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Because this deckbuild is so versatile, a lot of strengths come along with it but also the inevitable weakness of the fact that Decidueye GX is a stage 3 Pokémon and thus can be slow. The strengths are high hp, versatility, item lock and pressure. However, the deck relies on both abilities and special energy as mentioned earlier, which can both be deleted from the field with popular cards such as Garbodor, Wobbuffet and Enhanced hammer.

High HP

Decidueye GX is a TANK with an amazing 240 hp. Knocking out this Pokémon is going to be tough especially because it will be on the bench most of the time. Tauros GX with a Fighting Fury Belt isn’t too shabby either with a total of 220 hp. Followed up by Lugia GX with HP of 210 (including a FFB).


Because this decklist has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, versatility is definitely a strength here. First of all, Vileplume can completely lock your opponent as they often rely on many item cards which they cannot use because of it. Lugia EX will do a lot of damage to your opponent’s Pokémon that have many energy on them, so they will think twice with adding energy to the same Pokémon. You can get any three cards back from your discard with the GX move of Decidueye. So, even if your opponent keeps removing special energy.. just wait a while and get three of them back anyway. Beedrill EX can remove item cards which is mainly to be able to play around Garbodor. As Garbodor can only ability lock you when it has an item attached to him.

Item lock and Pressure

The combination of Decidueye GX on your bench and Tauros GX as your primary while Vileplume is being terribly annoying on your bench for your opponent, will deal quite a lot of pressure on him/her. Your opponent will not be able to blindly attack Tauros GX as he can retaliate damage done to him, especially with his GX attack. Your bench damage with the ability “Feather Arrow” will slowly devour the Pokémon of your opponent. Furthermore, because of Decidueye GX its high hp, bench sniping it will be near to impossible and getting Lysandre with their VS Seeker isn’t an option due to Vileplume.

Ability lock and Special energy removal

Garbodor is very popular as it can remove abilities, so it can delete the main use for Decidueye GX. Furthermore, all your Pokémon rely completely on DCE. If your opponent plays 1 or even 2 Enhanced hammers, you might have a very hard time as well.


Each deck has its own strengths and weaknesses. This decklist is primarily focused on being able to beat any opponent and to exclude as many bad matchups as possible. Fire is obviously an issue, but doesn’t have to be an auto loss because your main attackers can be both Tauros GX and Lugia EX. All you have to fear is the almighty Lysandre. Other than the decks i am about to discuss, Decidueye GX has even or favorable matchups against any other decks you might encounter.


With the “Energy evolution” Eevee making his comeback, making sure all your Pokémon can do damage as if they were fire type is a piece of cake. Therefore, as Vespiquen can do severe damage quite early on, it can completely devastate your somewhat slow build up early on and end the game quickly. However, especially if you can get Tauros GX as your active from the start, the game will slowly run into your favor as it progresses. Be sure to take out that Flareon on the bench to remove their double damage as quickly as possible. There are other decks that use Flareon just to take down this deck, so always look out for that.

 Volcanion EX

This deck is by far the most powerful fire deck out there. Hence, it is going to be very tough to beat with a grass deck, it is that simple. But, an early Vileplume will always give you a chance against any deck.

M Mewtwo / Wobbuffet/Garbodor

Wobbuffet is another card that can disable your abilities, even Shaymin EX will be useless because of it. This will slow you down completely as the mighty M Mewtwo will be setup to start destroying your Pokémon. Therefore, this deck is near impossible to beat.

M Sceptile EX

Not really being used in the current meta, but is invulnerable to abilities due to its ancient trade so can’t be touched on the bench by Decidueye GX and it can benefit from your Forest of the Giant Plants as well.


On paper this deck has a ton of weaknesses. It is weak against ability lock, special energy removal and anything that revolves around fire. Yet, because of its great versatility and being able to get any card from your discard back if you really need to, this deck is amazing. Moreover, the pressure on your opponent will be a constant factor and will really put your opponent in a corner as the match progresses. Both Lugia EX and Tauros GX are great attackers especially with the ability of Decidueye GX backing them up from the bench. The addition of Beedrill EX will allow you to play around Garbodor nonetheless, it may still be difficult, but surely possible. And perhaps most importantly, an early Vileplume can completely lock your opponent and will give you plenty of time to beat any deck. A huge downside of the deck however, is the fact that Forest of the Giant Plants will be rotated out soon, which will make this deck completely useless from there on.



+ High Hp

+ Versatile

+ Pressure


– Fire

– Slow

– Ability lock

– Special energy reliance


Deck Score


Next Deck Review: Umbreon GX

Previous Deck Review: Yveltal EX / Garbodor


  1. Jaxom 3 years ago



    I’m using a similar deck. Based on 4 Decidueye-GX, 1 Lurantis-GX and 2 Shiinotic.

    I fight mainly with Lurantis-GX, using the Decidueye-GX to make arrows rain on the foes.
    It’s pretty easy and fast to use, with the help of Shiinotic and Mimantis in early game to provide both energy and Pokémon. All of this supported by Professor Kukui, Rare Candy and draw cards : delightful. 😉

  2. GrassTypePlaya 4 years ago



    I play the same list but without Tauros, you don’t need it. I also tried the hoot hoot combo but obviously not as strong as the normal version, still fun though.

  3. Jake 4 years ago



    @Skalepinny Check out the forums, any questions you have will be answered there.

  4. skalepinny 4 years ago



    Cool deck, I’m trying to get more involved in the pokemon tcg community. If you or anyone could help me get into, find me on youtube or instagram, i’d love for some people to help me learn the new meta etc.

  5. StanBrown344 4 years ago



    This deck is great but can be so slow….

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