This is a list of my personal top 6 cards of SWSH2 Rebel Clash, in order of their perceived impact on the meta. Which cards will change up the way the game is played on a competetive level? Which card may completely break a format? Let’s dive into it and find out!


Number 6;
Dragapult VMax

To avoid having a full list of utility cards, this Stealth-Jet dragon makes the list as the strongest Pokemon VMax of the set. Even with the incredibly powerful Eternatus VMax decks being part of the Meta, it will stand competitively against it. Any deck using low HP Pokemon such as the Basic Pokemon for Stage 2 evolution lines or Mad Party decks will get severely hurt by the effect of ‘Max Phantom’ and in fringe cases ‘Shred’ can deal damage to Zamazenta V or Decidueye.
A powerful card all around that goes well with already existing damage-spread tactics but does not require them to be a threat to almost any deck.

Number 5;
Eldegoss V

Though Eldegoss V does not search your deck like Jirachi EX does, it does allow you to access a great variety of Supporter cards in the late-game, with the most obvious powerhouse card being Boss’s Orders. Even a single copy of Eldegoss V can help you turn the tide of the game. Though Eldegoss V’s uses completely depend on your deck’s Supporter cards, it is those cards that are especially powerful.

Number 4;
Twin Energy

At its core, Twin Energy is a balanced Double Colorless Energy. The existence of both Twin Energy and Double Colorless Energy in the Expanded format may cause the rise of single-Prize attacker decks such as Mad Party/Night March decks.
The Standard format will also find several great uses for this card, such as Golisopod, Steelix or Mad Party. Pokemon EX can use Twin Energy as well, so Mega Mewtwo Y EX, Mega Rayquaza EX and Seismitoad EX might appear in a deck every so often as well, though powercreep makes this quite unlikely to be successful in the current meta. Twin Energy will be an important card to any deck not focused on Pokemon V/GX until its rotation.

Number 3;
Scoop Up Net

The lack of a large impact on the Standard format puts this card only at number 3, but do not underestimate Scoop Up Net. In the Expanded format it often is simply a better Super Scoop Up as it foregoes the coin-flip completely and allows you to take any Pokemon EX or regular Pokemon back into your hand. This means Jirachi, Jirachi EX, Shaymin EX, Galarian Zigzagoon and many more can easily be re-used.

The incredible potential this card opens up can possibly even break the Expanded format, which may sound a little silly to players that only play the Standard format, as there are way fewer uses for Scoop Up Net there. Fewer does, however, not mean that it is not powerful in the Standard format, which it very much is. Though I am not a frequent Expanded-player, I can imagine Scoop Up Net being banned from that format quite soon.

Number 2;
Tool Scrapper

No longer is a tool card a permanent companion once attached in the Standard format, annoying tools such as Air Balloon and Giant Bomb can now be removed without issue. Though this is a reprint of quite an old card, it was very much needed and it will surely be seen in most decks that we will see from now on.

Number 1;
Boss’s Orders

Boss’s Orders is identical to Lysandre and will likely become a frequently reprinted card with the same name but new artwork, representing the different “Boss” characters just like Professor’s Research. The official ruling states that Lysandre and Boss’s Orders can not be in the same deck, so an investment in Boss’s Orders is not necessary if you play in the Expanded format only.
If you frequently play in the Standard format, owning a full play-set of this card is a must, as it is almost impossible to not at least add one of this card into any deck. As Lysandre has proven, this card is a must-have for every player.

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  1. Alex 5 days ago



    Bruh, I’ve opened 100+ Rebel Clash booster packs to try and pull … ‘ THE BOSS’ … no luck :(. I assume – seeing the pull rate of the card – that the Pokémon company knows exactly how powerful the card actually is.

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